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Wetting myself

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WeeWillieWinkle Sun 25-Oct-09 21:35:39

I am a regular but I have opted to name change for this thread.blush

I keep wetting myself. Simple as that. But not so simple for me, it is so soul destroying and embarrasing.

My brain does not seem to tell my body that my bladder is full.

On too many occasions lately, I have stood up and my bladder has just empied. I would not mind (lie) but the last time was in a meeting on Friday, we stood to leave the room and I just wet myself. I didn't even know I wanted to go!

What help have any of you received from your GP or what operation. I do have private medical insurance if need be.

I cannot carry on like this, it is destroying me.

lindsaygii Sun 25-Oct-09 21:39:39

You must see the GP. Apparently they have incontinence specialists (they told me this after birth of my DS, but problem cleared up for me).

Go and see them, straightaway.

I know it will feel embarrassing, but you'll be speaking to someone who deals with folk with your trouble for a living, so it won't be any big deal to them.

My doc did tell me that women who do the pelvic floor exercises 'with a will' virtually never need surgery or follow up. I have no idea if that's applicable in your case, I'm just saying, it'll probably be simple to sort out once you're over the - totally understandable - shame about your condition.

Good luck. Hugs.

cocolepew Sun 25-Oct-09 21:44:41

Go to your GP, I've had a bladder repair due to stress incontinence but it made the urge incontinence worse. I've already peed myself today ,no shame emoticon> I take a tablet to dry up my bladder. When I was having my op a woman next to me was having Botox injected into her bladder for the sort of problem you have.

It's more embarassing to pee yourself than to see a continence nurse/ gynae. not the

Use Tenaladys in the mean time.

littleducks Sun 25-Oct-09 21:45:37

I had stress incontenience after ds, and saw a spefcial physiotherapist who helped me sort out exercises to help (and she felt my tummy with clothes on etc no embarassing things at all)

It has helped me and as i may have another baby i wont be having an op but they said if i needed it in the future the could put some kind of net in to support my bladder

cocolepew Sun 25-Oct-09 21:46:11

When you go to the continence clinic they will test to see what type of incontinence you have, there is something called a lazy bladder, as well as stress and urge.

cocolepew Sun 25-Oct-09 21:49:06


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