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Diabetes and feet!

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mummytopebs Sun 25-Oct-09 21:05:01

Got diagnosed with gestational diabetes yesterday and am starting treatment tomorrow. Been googling a bit and saw diabetes can effect your feet, well the last 6 weeks i have been to the gp 2 times with itching flaking skin between my toes, could this be due to diabetes? Also my feet have been tingling a lot today, is this normal with diabetes?

EyeballsintheSky Sun 25-Oct-09 21:30:01

Hard to say. My dad is type 2 diabetic and has had awful trouble with his feet, resulting in him losing one of his toes a few years back. I'm not trying to scare you; this happened to him because his diabetes was undiagnosed, probably for years and his diet was appalling. Since taking his medication and being more responsible with what he eats he has been fine. He has neuropathy in his feet which means he can't feel very much pain in them, hence not realising when all wasn't well.

I had very very very late onset gestational diabetes (38.5 fecking weeks!) and had no issues at all with my feet. I'd say keep an eye on it definitely but I think it'd be unlikely that issues would spring up so quickly as GD is generally treated pretty swiftly. Doesn't hurt to ask them but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 25-Oct-09 21:30:24

Oh, and don't google! wink

mummytopebs Sun 25-Oct-09 21:36:29

I know it was very silly to google

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