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painful wrists ?due to breastfeeding

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arry Sun 25-Oct-09 16:05:06

Does anyone have any experience of painful thumbs/wrists with new baby. It started at about 4 weeks (DD now 16 weeks) - didn't want to bother GP plus had lots going on with having had a section - sore wrists seemed small problem but now are very big problem. Diagnosed De Quervains- got wrist splints and had physio but have been refused a steroid injection but my wrists are agony! It hurts to lift DD and dress her and change nappy and when I feed her - you name it- it hurts. I had ultrasound but have seen no improvement.Topical Diclofenac does very little - the only time I get any relief is in the evening when DD has gone to bed. The physio now thinks that it is nerve pain and that I need to see GP again to be prescribed amitriptiline or gabapentin, I am still breastfeeding and DD will not take a botle so obviously drugs may be a problem. I did beg my GP for a steroid injection a few weeks ago but he said he did not do them and it was up to the physio. Do I insist on a referral to an orthopod? Why am I being refused a steroid injection? Does anyone know what I should do next? I really feel that noone is taking my pain seriously.

slng Sun 25-Oct-09 18:40:02

Sorry can't help but sympathise. Had wrist/thumb pain with DS1 but sort-of went away with physio - he said it was RSI from lifting baby and it was very common. Though I think I'm a lot clumsier with my right hand now compared to when I was young ... Hope you get proper treatment soon.

pelvicflawed Sun 25-Oct-09 19:04:04

I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 6 weeks after DS was born and it was agony - you have my utmost sympathy - after seeing the GP three times I was in so much pain that I paid £100 to see a consultanat privately (against my principles but the pain was that bad) - splints helped a lot but ultimatley I had surgery when DS was 8mths and 14 mths (first left then right hand) - I would insist on getting a referal to a consultant - I found the pain really had a knock on effect on my whole health inc my emotional health as it meant that lots of pleasant activities to do with a young baby (swimming/long walks in the pram) just hurt too much. Good luck and be persistant.

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