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Blood clot in the leg

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FlorenceDaphne Sun 25-Oct-09 11:01:41

My dad has a blood clot in his leg. It began with a pain and then his foot went icy and numb and generally looked like the foot of a cadavar. He's in the hospital now, and a vascular surgeon is coming to talk to him.

I can't visit until three. My mum's being very calm and non-panicky about the whole thing, but she won't really tell me what's happening.

Is it serious? Should I be worried? is it the same as deep vein thrombosis, do you think?

bigstripeytiger Sun 25-Oct-09 11:06:20

If the foot is cold and white then it is more likely an arterial thrombosis than a venous thrombosis.

There is a fact sheet here its a bit general, but hopefully of some use if that is what the problem is.

FlorenceDaphne Sun 25-Oct-09 11:06:57

Basically, I suppose, is this a serious and life-threatneing condition, or is it just a bit of an inconvenience for my dad?

FlorenceDaphne Sun 25-Oct-09 11:07:25

Thank you so much, Stripey Tiger.

FlorenceDaphne Sun 25-Oct-09 11:10:37

That is a brilliant fact sheet. The wikipedia article seemed like it was written for people with advanced medical degrees. Thanks again.

bigstripeytiger Sun 25-Oct-09 11:14:09

No problem smile. I hope that there is good news for you when you get to the hospital.

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