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10 m/o with 'sickness bug' 2 weeks after last having a sickness bug. Just bad luck?

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mumtojohn Sat 24-Oct-09 22:37:52

My son is 10 months and has had a number of vomiting episodes since he started properly eating 3 meals a day. The first was in August, when he vomited in his sleep (loads and loads) and then was sick several times in the hour afterwards. I put it down to overfeeding and the doc said there was nothing wrong.

Then 2 weeks ago he was sick in his sleep again. This time he was throwing up for hours afterwards (about 15 times in all) and then was off his food for over a week. Doc said a bug. He had just gotten better and it happened again, a few days ago. He seems to have recovered faster this time though.

DP thinks he may have a digestive problem (he has vomited on other occasions too, after his last feed of the day, but I always thought it was eating too much/too fast) but isn't it quite normal for them to pick up lots of bugs? Is it normal for different bugs to affect him in the same way? It could be an allergy (whenever he has been sick, it has been after pasta stars, but loads of times he has had them and not been sick). Or could it even be teething (a big front tooth broke through the day after he was ill in August and the other one is breaking through now).

Obviously, these are questions for my doctor and I am seeing him next week. Meantime, I wondered if any of you have had the same thing with your little ones or have any thoughts.

Washersaurus Sat 24-Oct-09 22:55:17

DS2 had a similar bug last year about 3/4 times (nearly always started in the night or at bedtime). We were worried there was something seriously wrong. Thankfully, he recovered and has been in good health since.

I doubt it is related to teething. I cut out milk and dairy and stuck to breastfeeding and water only, which helped a little with his recovery.

I didn't find the doctors very helpful to be honest, but they did test a stool sample which showed DS had a virus...can't remember which one sorry!

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