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I really hate asthma!

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LouIsAWeetbixKid Sat 24-Oct-09 06:14:33

I am ready to move back to Australia at this rate. I cough all the time. I can't sleep. I am tired and really don't want to crack more ribs this winter.
I do not wan't to go down the sedative route every night so I can sleep. Does anyone have any tried and tested methods to stop thier coughing? The ventolin and seretide is not working anymore and I just want to sleep.

anniebear Sat 24-Oct-09 06:24:54

no advice sorry but just wanted to say poor you, sounds awful

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 24-Oct-09 08:52:29

Do you have a nasal spray? Might be worth considering if it is post-nasal drip causing the coughing (which dds asthma nurse says can irritate asthma)

GhostlyPixieOnaPumpkin Sat 24-Oct-09 14:05:53

Maybe you should go back to the GPs? Ventolin and Seretide is not the best combination for everyone, and there might be a better preventor for you, which the GP could prescribe.

pofacedandproud Sat 24-Oct-09 14:08:08

I'm suffering badly at moment too Lou, after years asthma-free. Don't know why. Desperate to leave UK. I'd go to Australia in a shot.

pofacedandproud Sat 24-Oct-09 14:08:41

And terrified of bloody SF.

RubberDuck Sat 24-Oct-09 14:15:29

Go back to GP. If you're having to use Ventolin more than twice a week then your asthma is not being well controlled and you will need to have your medication plan modified.

It may just be a case of adjusting doses of preventer, or another treatment plan may work better for you, but you really don't have to be suffering every night. Please go back

FluffyPumpkins Sat 24-Oct-09 15:15:33

DH was prescibed tablets last time was in intensive care, maybe this is something that would be usfull to you? as touch wood he has been alot better since starting them.

tiredsville Sat 24-Oct-09 22:53:21

my asthma has been playing up for weeks - I haven't had any viruses so I can't really think why it is out of control. I swapped from Seretide to Symbicort around a year ago and all was going well until recently - chest is tight every morning and very mucusy.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 26-Oct-09 20:27:10

Sorry for not getting back to you. Am living on codeine so I can stop coughing and sleep. Have pulled muscles in my chest so am off to the gp for a reassessment. I don't get a tight chest just phlegm and cough cough cough. Wil look into the symbiocort though.

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Mon 26-Oct-09 20:31:16

Do you know what triggers your asthma? DH's trigger is dust and certain animals, once he found out what they were he could work on a solution.

I hope your GP can help you further. Maybe find out if one the GP's in your practice is a asthma specialist?

LouIsAWeetbixKid Tue 27-Oct-09 20:07:51

Just the cold and that's it. That is why moving back to Australia seems more appealing every winter

tiredsville Wed 28-Oct-09 20:45:12

For me it's no doubt mould which triggers of symptoms for me - as soon as it rains, I get the tight chest followed by the coughing of mucus.
I definitely intend on moving overseas when I'm older otherwise I will die young in this country - seriously, when I lived in Spain I was completely medication free...

moocowme Thu 29-Oct-09 21:09:28

i found i did not have to go back to australia(how could i have left Queensland for this!!!) after starting on symbicort. before then i had a mountain of drugs and found it hard to leave home in clod weather due to the unstoppable coughing. symbicort has made a huge difference.

tiredsville Fri 30-Oct-09 13:29:49

Hi Moo, what dosage are you on presently? <<nosey>> I'm thinking perhaps I need to increase dosage, rather not though beause high dosage normally means a horrible taste in mouth.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 02-Nov-09 22:22:16

Hi Moo - I sometimes ask myself why I left Brisvegas for London too smile

Did the symbicort really help? May ask the GP about it

EightiesChick Mon 02-Nov-09 22:30:27

Lou, my asthma is bad too at the moment. Could you get a home nebuliser to use at night while your chest is this bad? Might be worth asking?

abra1d Mon 02-Nov-09 22:32:00

My two have asthma and it's always bad at this time of year and then calms down once we get colder, dryer weather. Hope yours does too.

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