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Anxiety? Crazy Dreams? What do you think?

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Claire2009 Thu 22-Oct-09 22:56:05

Edited cos I'm on the laptop now and might make more sense.

Last night I woke twice (1am and 4am) in a panic, I'm basically dreaming that my alarm has already gone off and it's either 8.55am or 9.05am and I'm really late for taking DD to nursery, I then have a debate in my head about whether or not I should take her and be late, or leave her home for the day....that's the dream, but then I wake in a panic as if I'm thinking "Sh*t quick get up!!!" and get up, check time and it's actually dark outside and it's the early hours of the morning.....

The night before, I dreamt my alarm went off in my head, so I woke up twice again, and it was dark outside - me confused thinking "Wtf am I doing" so I lay back down and eventually went to sleep again.

This has happened for 4-5 days now, I mentioned it to my friend earlier who said, I thought you looked tired, and that it sounded like anxiety attacks or something and I should see my doctor? I'm more in mind of let's see what happens, but thought I would ask here? What do you think?

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