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mmr-if vaccinated, should dd avoid un-vaxed babies and pregnant women?

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hazlinh Tue 14-Jun-05 02:05:02

thinking of taking 16 mth dd for her mmr this week or next week. but during the day she is with my mum and my pg sis and her unvaxed 10 month old ds live in my mum's house. is there a risk that she might pass on measles or rubella to the two of them? if thats the case, should i keep dd away from mum's place for a week or so? or would it be sufficient to just avoid coming into contact with them while in the house? or should i take 2 weeks off work???

sorry if i'm asking a silly question...

geekgrrl Tue 14-Jun-05 05:58:23

hi hazlinh, the viruses in the MMR vaccine are inactivated so no problem.

It's not too silly a question to ask - the oral polio vaccine was stopped because there was a slight risk of an unvaccinated person catching a milder form of polio if they came into contact with the baby's nappy content, because the virus was actually live.

Jimjams Tue 14-Jun-05 09:44:49

They're live viruses, but shouldn't be passed on. If your sis had measles as a kid she'll be immune anyway. I wouldn't worry.

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