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glucose test- why am i so worried!?

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sazzaf Thu 22-Oct-09 14:44:18

hello everyone, I think I just need some reassurance... I am on my 2nd pregnancy - 13 weeks & have just had a slightly raised glucose blood test, I have been referred to a diabetic clinic in January - should I be worried?? I am suffering from proper anxiety this time round and have a lot of other stress in my life, is January too long to wait or should I push for more tests? my sister is type 1 diabetic plus I heard that if high glucose was undetected in the first trimester, it could have caused development problems with the baby?

Poohbearsmom Thu 22-Oct-09 16:42:56

Congrats try to relax worryin will most certainly not help ya, altho easier said then done i know... I had raised glucose n my 2nd preg aswell, altho it was a bit further along around the 30 wk mark but i was also referred to the diabetics clinic they did a glucose tolerance test which came back normal and all was fine wit me... Hav ya told them the family history? If ur worried certainly do push them or at least talk to a midwife call the outpatients or discuss it at ur next app, but dont let the anxiety build cause that most certainly is not good for either of ye, best of luck

mamaloco Thu 22-Oct-09 16:50:57

I can't believe they make you wait till january. Try to get another appointment quicker. In pregnancy they do O'sullivan testing, but with your family history they might do something more specific. In the mean time try to have a "diabetic diet" just to make sure your blood sugars don't go up and down. I wouldn't be worried but they honestly can't make you wait that long! Just the stress of not knowing... I feel for you.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyZombieSlave Thu 22-Oct-09 17:00:30

GTT in pregnancy is normally done around 28 weeks, though, unless there's an indication of an earlier problem -- how raised is "slightly raised"? When was the blood taken in terms of what you'd eaten recently? If it was just "a bit higher than we'd ideally hope for but still within normal bounds" then waiting doesn't seem totally unreasonable, but you could ask for a GTT screen earlier. Or just start on a low GI diet now, which is what the dibetic clinic would ask you to do for a couple of weeks if you take and fail a GTT screen (although they'd combine it with getting you to check blood sugar levels regularly).

sazzaf Fri 23-Oct-09 22:10:53

thank you everyone! I think my biggest problem is my neuroses!! now I am worrying about worrying aaahh!! I have started to imagine I am thirsty too...
they made me drink a bottle of lucozade before they did the blood test... again I def didnt have to do that in my last pregnancy.. they have not given me a reading specific, they do know about my sister but when I rang about it they were really dismissive..

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