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Help! 3 weeks wait for blood results

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chinchi Thu 22-Oct-09 08:24:21

I had blood taken back on 1st October as requested by the endocrinologist at hospital. I was originally referred by my GP back on 11 August.

I phoned last week and again on Monday to be told that 'all of my results havnt come back yet, and they cant tell me anymore'. I was promised a phonecall by the consultant's secretary either Tuesday or Wednesday, and Ive heard nothing.

AIBU to expect an answer by now? Im struggling to look after two young kids with the way I feel, and at least if the consultant feels he cant do anymore, at least the GP maybe able to suggest something else.

Is 3 weeks a normal time to be waiting?

blissa Thu 22-Oct-09 12:55:41

I think it depends on what the blood test is. I recently had some done that took 6 weeks to come back.

Have you tried to ring today?

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