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Pregnancy insomnia - anyone else still awake?

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howdidthishappenthen Thu 22-Oct-09 02:43:45

Didn't get it with the last pregnancy but here I am each morning waiting to get tired again. Can't stay in bed or my active mind finds things to fret about uselessly..

ViktoriaMac Thu 22-Oct-09 02:52:29

Yep. 32 weeks, how about you?

howdidthishappenthen Thu 22-Oct-09 02:58:53

Only 22 weeks. Rather hoping there isn't another 18 (or more!) weeks of restless nights to come!

howdidthishappenthen Thu 22-Oct-09 02:59:34

And there's no chocolate or biscuits or cake in the house,dammit..

madwomanintheattic Thu 22-Oct-09 03:21:09

lol, hang out on the american thread - not even bedtime in these parts...

ViktoriaMac Thu 22-Oct-09 03:50:13

I just had a plain piece of bread. Never fancy cake when in supermarket, only later at home.

mylovelymonster Thu 22-Oct-09 04:46:55

morning ladies. Have finished the choccy biccies & glass of milk. 37 weeks here and wake up from 2:30 onwards. Try to sleep but just have to get up around 4. Am grateful am now on mat leave and can have a sleep later in the morning. HDTH - hope you don't have to work - that's a killer.

mylovelymonster Thu 22-Oct-09 05:51:22

Guess you've all gone back to bed then, or are slumped over

esselle Thu 22-Oct-09 06:57:25

Yes I get it too and it is a pita as I always feel tired. I would love a cheeky afternoon nap to keep me going but have 2 other DC to prevent that!

The upside is I am in Aust so there is always something happening on here to amuse me. I am 23wks btw.

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