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Anyone else have rheumatoid arthritis? Think it's getting worse and I'm coeliac (just to throw that into the mix...)

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DottyDot Wed 21-Oct-09 22:12:01

ho hum.

I went to my GP a while ago with swollen and sore thumbs - couldn't move them properly. He said it's likely to be a bit of arthritis but not to worry - it'll come and go.

I said I've only just turned 40 but apparently it gets more prevalent from your 40's (cheers then...hmm).

It comes and goes in my thumbs but yesterday I couldn't text shock and I also get a very sore hip and have had to have a steroid injection in my shoulder which has now worn off so I'm hoping they'll give me another.

Sigh. Am fed up. Have got Coeliac disease and am wondering if this is linked (some stuff on the internet says it could be) and was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

I'm taking Glucosamine but am not sure if they're helping?

Just having a grumble really...

jybay Thu 22-Oct-09 00:52:08

Do you mean RA or osteoarthritis? If it's definitely RA, then you should see a rheumatologist. OA is managed by GPs as there is no specific treatment.

Coeliac disease is linked with RA and with joint pain in general. OA is extremely common though - probably 100% of the population have some by the age of 60 - so it is still most likely to be OA.

DottyDot Thu 22-Oct-09 18:05:54

I don't know to be honest. How do you find out? I've booked to see the GP next week to have a chat 'cos my hip's been really sore all today and Brufen's not touching it.

cakeywakey Thu 22-Oct-09 18:25:10

Sorry to hear that you're in pain. Your GP may well refer you for tests if he thinks it might be RA.

RA tends to be mirrored in joints on both sides of the body, be at its worst in the morning and then loosen up through the day. It doesn't come and go though.

Good luck at the GP. And if you're looking for stronger painkillers, try Voltarol from the chemist. It's a stronger anti-inflammatory than Ibuprofen. You have to be careful not to take it for too long though as it can be nasty on your stomach.

flamingtoaster Thu 22-Oct-09 18:29:11

It would be worth trying removing corn from your diet. Some time after I went gf I was getting terrible joint pains. I mentioned it to a friend who said she had experienced a similar problem and removing corn helped her. I do not have joint pain if I don't eat corn, if I do eat corn I get dreadful, painful, stiff and swollen joints. It makes the glutenfree diet a real pain - but it's less of a pain than the joints! Some coeliacs also get joint pain if they are accidentally glutened so it would be worth checking you are not accidentally ingesting a small amount through cross-contamination or whatever.

DottyDot Thu 22-Oct-09 20:14:02

Aaarrrgghhhh - Nooooooooo!!! (to removing corn).

That's possibly a slight over reaction but I love my Doves Farm gluten free cornflakes and have them for breakfast and lunch in the week... blush

It definitely flares up and then can go - 2 days ago I couldn't straighten my left thumb at all - was bent in - today it's much better and I can type and straighten it.

Ho hum. Thanks all - will see what the GP thinks (probably that I'm a time-wasting hyperchondriac... hmm).

CMOTdibbler Thu 22-Oct-09 21:29:50

How gf are you ? Ie, do you eat deglutenised wheat starch products, use shared condiments and toaster etc ?

My main coeliac symptom is joint pain and swelling, and its much more sensitive than the rest of me iyswim

You could try cutting the corn down - after all, theres anectdotal reports that people crave what they are intolerant to.

The Doves farm buckwheat and rice Special K alike flakes are dead nice

DottyDotsOfBloodOnTheFloor Fri 23-Oct-09 23:03:58

I don't use the same toaster but do have modified wheat starch - have always been symptom free except for being anaemic - it took years to be diagnosed (they think) because I'm a so called 'silent' coeliac.

Sigh. Will see what the GP thinks but will be mightily pissed off if I have to ditch all corn/modified wheat starch etc. I know it's worth a go - but it's also worth a grumble! grin

brockleybelle Fri 23-Oct-09 23:16:36

A lot of sufferers from RA benefit by cutting dairy out of their diet and replacing with soya/rice milk etc. If you do this remember to take calcium supplements.

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