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When your dc are ill do they have right of ownership over tv and sofa until recovered ?

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Lilyloooohhhh Tue 20-Oct-09 13:33:23

DS is off school today , stomachache , headache , and fever etc
He felt off yesterday and spent last night in our bed with raging temperature etc ( he is almost as big as me , nearly 8!!!!)
Anyway he has taken to the sofa watching tv etc and i am chief nursemaid
Just wondered whether enforced bed rest for an hour or two is mean ....

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 20-Oct-09 13:36:57

Usually any child in our house who is ill, MUST stay in bed until lunchtime, after which they get sofa and TV rights. If you think your DS could do with a bit more bed rest by all means send him back.

clop Tue 20-Oct-09 18:33:43

Yes if it's a vomitting bug, because I starve them out until it's over; should only take 3-8 hours. Unlimited Watching TV is a compensation for not getting to eat. For any other type of illness, no way do they get free reign!

I don't know how you can make bedrest happen... sit in his room with him?

(As an aside, was discussing with a friend today how ill they have to be to get a day off school, and basically, we agreed that they have to be so ill that they won't give us any aggro; defacto, not able to do anything BUT huddle in bed).

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