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Any experience of "too much water in the uterus" at 20 wk scan?

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tew Mon 13-Jun-05 10:41:17

Hi, had my 20 week scan on Monday, and thought it was very unsatisfactory. When I was walking out of the door the radiographer told me I had a lot of water in my placenta ("upper limit of normality"), no referrrals, no explanations nothing. Also made lots of measurement notes on a scrappy piece of paper, when with my first dd it was all computerised and plotted etc.

Has anyone else experience either the water issue or the scrappy measurements? Know this can be a complaint called hydramnios - which can lead to premature labour, my dd tried to come at 32 weeks, so keen to find out as much about this as poss.

Have spoken to midwife and now have an appointment with consultant in three weeks time, but I was very disappointed with the scan.

hoxtonchick Mon 13-Jun-05 10:44:56

here's a recent thread which might help you .

yoyo Mon 13-Jun-05 10:50:20

I haven't experienced this personally but a friend had excessive amniotic fluid when she was carrying twins. Her situation was very complicated and she was hospitalised but she had to have the fluid drawn-off a number of times.

Did your midwife comment on the scan details? Couldn't you ask to be re-scanned? Could she contact the radiographer on your behalf to explain the results more fully? All my scan details were printed out incidentally.

tew Mon 13-Jun-05 11:01:23

Thx hoxtonchick, really useful thread, fraid my knowledge of mumsnet is not what it should be!

Yoyo, the radiographer made no comments whatsover, just a throwaway comment when I was walking out! But have since spoken to my midwife and I will see a consultant in 3 weeks time. Also trying to see my private gynie who delivers babies as well, just to get a second opinion, as don't really want to have 8 weeks bed rest again (impossible with a 9 month old baby!)

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