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Why would I be waking at night to have a drink?

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Katymac Sat 17-Oct-09 16:39:48

I mean I do drink a lot during the day - but it seems odd to wake at night to drink

<<sigh>> just something else for me to do

YouLukaAmazing Sat 17-Oct-09 16:55:52

Message withdrawn

Katymac Sat 17-Oct-09 17:04:29

Not really - I average a couple of tests (wee) a year & they are always fine

They insist my blood sugar is fine hmm

YouLukaAmazing Sat 17-Oct-09 18:45:58

Message withdrawn

bran Sat 17-Oct-09 18:47:59

Have you had a full diabetes test, not just a wee stick? Or it could be something very simple like breating through your mouth when you're asleep, which would dry out your mouth and throat.

Katymac Sat 17-Oct-09 23:41:44

Well the waking in the night is intermittent - but it is to drink 9 times out of ten rather than wee

I drink a lot in the day because I had a bladder repair & it was impressed upon me how much I should drink to keep my bladder healthy

I eats lots of salty & sugary foods - I have always done so (all my adult life at least)

Late on-set diabetes is in the family so I have been fairly regularly checked over the years but the wee test is always fine - & no-one has suggested any other tests

I do have low blood pressure & at one stage I was put on a high salt diet to raise it but it didn't work hmm

Sorry fr the delay replying..... we went to a 'Barn Dance' (I think that deserves a hmm as well)

jomalone Sun 18-Oct-09 23:45:22

there are other things which can cause thirst/ needing to drink other than diabetes too. might be worth speaking to your gp.

I had a raging thirst and thought I might have diabetes as I knew that causes thirst, but it turned out eventually that I have Sjogrens, which is actually quite common ( it causes dry eyes, dry mouth and dry skin etc. and can cause fatigue similar to ME)

however, could it also be something really simple, like that you've got the heating on too high/ too long? sorry I know that sounds really obvious, but it catches me out still and I wake up not just needing to drink all night but also feel really poorly the next morning (timer is dodgy on the radiators!)

Katymac Mon 19-Oct-09 07:50:47

Our heating is wood fired so we haven't really had it on much yet as it takes a fair bit of effort

Hmm I was diagnosed with ME in 1995 - Oh!

ABetaDad Mon 19-Oct-09 08:50:09

Katymac - one reason people eat a lot of salty and sugary food (whic is most likely the the reason you feel thirsty if you have had a diabetes check) is thatt they do not have enough protein in their diet.

If you eat more protein and cut out all the salty foods and and some of the sugar you will feel better and be more healthy.

Maybe try it for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference.

jomalone Mon 19-Oct-09 09:02:30

well with the obvious disclaimer that I am not trying to diagnose you, and I am sure the thirst could be caused by any number of things, I thought I'd attach a link to a Sjogren's website just in case, as my main troubling symptom is an ongoing ME like fatigue (hence why I spend a lot of time on the internet!). I know that it was only really by chance that the doctors realised I had this and not ME (because my opthamologist made the connection). I think that it is sometimes the case that it takes years before someone who was told they have ME discovers they actually have Sjogren's. So if you also suffer from dry mouth / eyes/ skin etc then it might be worth a look.

Katymac Mon 19-Oct-09 09:18:53

Actually Abetadad - I am often a lot better when I eat more protein (in fact when I increased it significantly I lost 54lbs)

I hadn't connected high protein with lower salt but I will monitor it

Thanks for the link jomalone I will have a look (however I am not aware of excessive 'dryness')

thedollshouse Mon 19-Oct-09 09:34:10

I wake around 7 or 8 times in the night but I am pregnant so extra thirsty at the moment.

When not pregnant I wake around 3 or 4 times. I am a thirsty person, I'm always thinking about my next drink and get dehydrated very easily. As far as I know I don't have any medical problem causing the thirst, just always thirsty, used to be a problem when I was at school as we were only allowed to drink at breaktimes. I don't generally wee that much though, not sure where all the liquid goes. hmm

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