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what a bloody day........ could be long sorry

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jambo1707 Sun 12-Jun-05 19:21:13

OMG what a nightmare of a day!!!!!!!

Got up this am all ok still very sore (after hysterectomy 10 days ago), all going well till after breakfast time.

Twins went for a wee snoozer as we had a christening to go to at 1pm, so it began

DH and ds1 went for their baths around 11, dh still had to shave too, out bath by 11.30(remembering we need to all be ready and at church by 12.45)

My bath is run, very quick wash for me as I still have to dry and straighten my hair, at this point the twins are up and all 3 boys need lunch which dh attends to as I am out of action for a wee while.

Running around like headless chickens I swear as it is now 12.20, had bought the boys new outfits and shoes for the day, only to find out that dt1 shoes are too wee, I also need to get flat black shoes as I had just binned my pair as i never wore them.

12.45 just leaving the house have to go to the centre to buy shoes for me and dt1. dh and I arguing like hell as he is very stressed I try to help(which I aint allowed to do as it involves loading the car, lifting the boys etc) so screaming match there.

Get to centre 12.55 grab 1st pairs we can find and pay, quick dash to the car, dh has LOST the bloody car keys.

Dilemma over keys found now 1.03 have just left centre car park get to church 1.10 very LATE, cant get into the church as the door aint wide enough for the twin buggy, starts another barny with hubby, he says" you go in have a seat you look sore" I am giving it " dont tell me what to do" like a right bitch he was only trying to help.

1.35 out pops the christening party STRANGE REALLY

Dad is in akilt along with godfather and her dad, mum is dressed in bridal trouser suit and hat as is godmother, her mum dressed like mother of the bride, photo session at church, then off to a bloody HOTEL, have buffet(very pricey hotel by the way) and a bloody DISCO


Then the presentation of gift -even that was ott and yet another photo session which lasted about an hour- the poor baby was well tired.

I am now in severe agony but didnt want to spoil the fun for my 3 year old so stayed a bit longer eventually at 4.45 I had to bribe him with mcds so he would go home

Its the most ott christening I have been to, they even put out bar meal menus for those that wanted to stay on after disco finished at 6.30

Maybe I am just being a bitch


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