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loose skin after birth

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biglips Sun 12-Jun-05 12:55:15

i had a c-section 8 months ago and ive got abit of loose skin on the bottom of my belly as skin looks abit bumpy, if i exercise eg sit ups, it will improve the skin or not??

kcemum Sun 12-Jun-05 14:48:44

It will help to tone up the skin but won't make it completly flat (unless your very lucky) as you will be excercising the stomach muscles under the skin and not the skin iyswim.

mrspink27 Sun 12-Jun-05 14:50:35

make sure you are doing the sit ups properly tho otherwise you'll push your stomach muscles to pop out!

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 13:42:17

thanks girls - i must go and do it now

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