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PMT arrrrgh!!! What can I take?

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cathcat Thu 15-Oct-09 21:57:00

Honestly, I have felt a bit crazy today sad

I know something from H&B is supposed to be good - what is it please?

cathcat Thu 15-Oct-09 22:15:21


halfcut Thu 15-Oct-09 22:15:44


cathcat Thu 15-Oct-09 22:17:59

lol I really did laugh out loud.
Not really suitable for 2 o'clock in the afternoon though sadly.

CarGirl Thu 15-Oct-09 22:18:12

vitamin B complex and evening primose oil think you need to take it everyday and it can take a couple of months to make a difference but after last week I've gone out and got some!

janeite Thu 15-Oct-09 22:18:27

Is it evening primrose? Bumping for you as I had a hideous week last week, followed by a period just 2 and a half weeks after the last one. Gah.

aleene Mon 19-Oct-09 11:00:57

I think this was mentioned by someone - agnus castus on this site, scroll down

frankie3 Mon 19-Oct-09 18:51:40

I tried Agnus Castus last month as it was mentioned on MN, but I had my worst month yet, it was awful, I think the whole street must have heard me screaming at my DS's! Has anyone else tried it? (Agnus Castus, not the screaming!)

saramoon Mon 19-Oct-09 19:57:46

Take starflower oil and make sure i take iron and zinc and vit c every day. My sis takes agnus castus. We both suffer a lot from pmt and i thought starflower oil was doing me good but i have just had a horrendous week of pmt and feel crap, so maybe it is not working as well as i thought. My dd1 is having her tonsils out Wed morn though so i guess i am stressed about that and it has made it worse.
To help pmt proper you have to cut out all fun things from your life - alcohol and sugar basically and make sure you eat very regularly and sleep a lot.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 19-Oct-09 20:01:05

I'd second the starflower oil (think that it contains the same active ingredient as Evening Primrose Oil, but more of it), it used to help me, also cutting out alcohol, sugar, late nights (as saramoon said, all the fun things!)

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