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Could I be anemic

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rubyredface Thu 15-Oct-09 15:31:25

I'm really tired all the time just now and I'm so cold, i can't heat up at all. Now I know that I've a 9 month old, I work full time and its coming into winter - all of which could explain my symptoms but DS sleeps through, I'm always got the heating on and I just feel generaly washed out. I'm pale anyway but seem to be practically see through just now!

So could I be anemic or .... well I don't know grin

squashimodo Thu 15-Oct-09 15:36:28

I feel like this too. I have a 13 day old baby, am taking iron supp: spatone. I am cold all the time.

rubyredface Thu 15-Oct-09 15:41:24

Thanks squash - congratulations on your new baby!

I think i might make an appointment at the docotors. I've been getting pins and needles and then numbness in my hands some days so I'm not sure if i've a problem with my circulation. smile

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 15-Oct-09 15:53:33

Thyroid gland issues? Can't remember whether it's under or overactive, but one of them makes you feel cold. I think.

jardins Thu 15-Oct-09 16:56:40

Hiya, 18 months ago my doctor ran a few blood tests and I discovered that I was EXTREMELY anemic (below the minimal recommended level). My symptoms were an inability to concentrate, bad headaches, feeling overwhelmed and negative about things which would not normally get me down. I was also breathless when going up several flights of stairs and would find it hard to focus my eyes for a long time. The key thing was that however much I slept and ate I always felt so tired. Infact I put on 3 kilos due to trying to eat and rest more when all I really needed was iron tablets. Within a week or so of taking the supplements I felt like a different person.

I realised afterwards that I have always equated healthy eating with fresh fruit and veg, pulses, and fish and consequently ate very little meat. Plus tea and coffee block your body's ability to absorb the iron content of the foods you are eating. If you too are partial to tea and coffee try drinking them 2 hrs before or after eating.

Go and see you doctor and ask for a quick blood test. A word of advice: if you suffer from constipation and you really are anemic opt for Floradix as it has a high iron level but is much kinder on your digestion.

Hope you feel better soon. smile

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