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Please help, no answers in swine flu topic! Has anyone been pregnant and had SF / or taken Relenza

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mosschops30 Thu 15-Oct-09 13:46:34

Doc has presecribed for me, although we are both unsure as to whether this is cold, flu or swine flu!

Had cold symptoms on sunday, mon and tues, but could still carry on as normal. Then woke yesterday feeling like had been hit by bus aching, sick, runny nose, sore throat etc etc.
Temp has only ever got at high as 37.5 but doc thinks this may be due to be taking paracetamol 4hrly since sunday.

Am terrified this is SF! sad
Am 36 weeks pregnant
Dont know whether to take the relenza or not

Any advice would be good thanks smile

mosschops30 Thu 15-Oct-09 14:17:16

pleeeeaaasssseeeee sad I am sitting here very upset and no idea what to do

mosschops30 Fri 16-Oct-09 14:43:10

bump, i decided not to take the relenza as was too worried about the bronchospasm aspect of it.
havent taken any paracetamol now since 9.30pm last night and temp hasnt been above 37.1, does this mean its not swine flu?

anyone know what the procedure is for pg women who develop SF complications? will they deliver baby early by CS or induce?

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