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2 year old still drooling...when does it stop???

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morph Mon 26-May-03 13:45:09

My Ds has just turned 2 and is still drooling constantly, we actually have now taken to telling him he is drooling and he wipes it away or (yuck) sucks it back up. He hasn't got all his teeth in at the back yet, so I thought maybe that was it, but someone told me it had nothing to do with it and it was a developmental thing. He is bright enough, real grasp of language and is very chatty, happy and fun loving and his motor skills seem fine, certainly he hasn't raised any concerns from our health visitor. Has anyone got any idea when this might stop, I would love to not have to constantly bib him!

expatkat Mon 26-May-03 14:46:46

I think there was another thread about this--you might want to check the archives. Some drool until quite late; it will just stop of its own accord. Ds is 3.5 and still drooling a little; in his case it seems to be linked to enlarged adenoids. But don't worry: it almost certainly won't last as long as that for your ds.

Bagpipes Tue 03-Jun-03 10:54:43

Hi there - My Ds is Down Syndrome, and because he has low muscle tone - he is still drooling at 3.8yrs old. My ENT told me last week, most children outgrow drooling by 2yrs ( depends on if they are still cutting teeth too)But since DS's is due to the fact he had a cleft lip too, this hasn't helped the drooling problem either. But saying that, we are now heading in for surgery for enlarged tonsils and adneoids to be removed. ENT did say, this could certainly help the drooling - Heres hoping!!!! Does your child have a terrible rash on his chin, or on his chest due to drooling - my wee boy does all the time!!!

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