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Stomach cramps/pains - what is it??

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gruber Wed 14-Oct-09 20:39:55

Ok, so I've been having stomach cramps on and off for nearly a week now. Pain is much like period pain, but completely wrong time of cycle (pain started day 17ish). It comes and goes, all times of day and night, doesn't depend on sitting position or anyting. No vomiting or diarrhoea (sorry if TMI!)

Anybody have any clues, please?? Am going into walk in doctors tomorrow but really worrying what it could be.

gruber Wed 14-Oct-09 21:03:56


Niecie Wed 14-Oct-09 21:07:31

Some sort of bladder/urine/kidney infection?

Don't necessarily have to be weeing a lot ime if it is a low level irritation thing or infection.


gruber Wed 14-Oct-09 21:10:59

Thanks Niecie, not constipated at all either, very confusing. I thought kidneys but DH said was wrong area, pain at front not at back.

cktwo Wed 14-Oct-09 21:13:38

Are you pregnant? Camping can be an early sign.

Vigilanteawarenessraiser Wed 14-Oct-09 21:15:21

Various things.
Day 17 might be a cyst -you can ovulate around then - I have had exactly the same thing this month. Know what it is as I've had it before. Fairly intense pain on ovulation (lasting a bit longer than 'normal' ovulation pain which isn't usually bad in my case), followed by an ache that lasts for days, odd twinges of pain, hurts a bit more when my bladder is full, can feel it a bit when I wee. Pain is slighlty to one side of my abdomen. Subsides gradually, then the same thing will happen whenever I next ovulate on this side - or maybe not, they can subside of their own accord.
That sound anything like it? Prob not much to worry about, but should be checked out. They can give you an ultrasound.

If not - might be fibroids, I guess. Might be endometriosis, if you have a history of period pain/other gynae problems/bowel problems. Google either of these and see.
Maybe someone will come along with more suggestions.

Hope that helps. How painful is it? Did it start with a short-ish bout of more intense cramps? If so, bet it is a cyst.

gruber Wed 14-Oct-09 21:34:06

Very much doubt I'm pregnant cktwo as on Marvelon pill and before that had very irregular periods, so think it is unlikely unless I have suddenly become super fertile! Also would be quite disastrous as only been married 4 months and have no money at moment.

Vigilante yes it does sound like what you describe in terms of pains, but it is on both sides which is confusing! Did start at right time, twinges of pain etc. Cramps are mostly the same intensity. Very helpful though, thank you, in that it is something to raise with doc tomorrow.

Have no history of bowel pain or period pain, can't usually tell when I'm ovulating even, hope it's not fibroids as I'm only 24. Very confused! (oh, only I know it's not anything appendix related as had that removed 15 years ago.

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