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Getting the Mirena Coil taken out was the best thing I have ever done!

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Jigsawgirl Wed 14-Oct-09 18:39:30

Following reading lots of posts about the Mirena Coil, I just wanted to say that 9 months after I had it put it in, I had put on nearly 2 stone and despite running 4 miles a day and watching what I was eating I couldn't shift the weight. Looking at posts on Mums Net encouraged me to have it removed. I had it taken out on a Monday lunchtime, by the Tuesday morning my bloated tummy had gone down - my husband (and neighbour who is a nurse) were shocked at the visible difference. by the Friday I had lost nearly a stone in weight and over the next few weeks I had lost a further stone. 3 months on since having it taken out I feel normal and slim again. Thank you all the Mums netters whose threads convinced me to get the damn thing taken out!

missingthemountains Wed 14-Oct-09 22:20:34

were you anymore interested in sex? this is the only reason i'm contemplating having it removed - don't know if it's the coil or permanent tiredness from raising kids!

Lifeisforliving Thu 15-Oct-09 09:44:22

Glad to know everything has gone back to normal, I had the MC removed after 6 months of hell, despite doing Pilates everyday and eating well I still put on 3 stone.

Unfortunately I fractured my arm in two places so was unable to work out, therefore the weight is still my best friend at the momentsmile Reading your post has given me hope that sooner or later I will be able to lose this excess baggage!!!

Hi Miss, my libido was none exsistent, but soon as it was removed it was like someone had flicked a switchgrin

Hope all goes well.

Jigsawgirl Thu 15-Oct-09 10:54:29

Hi missingthemountains, can't say I noticed anything about the sex specifically but my grumpiness improved dramatically on getting it taken out and as I felt slimmer I was probably more up for it! Good luck.

VengefulSinner Thu 15-Oct-09 11:09:50

I also had MC removed after 9months or a year (twas 5 years ago now so can't remember exactly). I had the weight gain too, but what bothered me more was the fact that in the whole time I had I didn't crack a smile once! I also had permenent irritation with everything and everyone. After having it removed I was back to normal thankfully

susall Thu 15-Oct-09 16:12:09

I felt my black cloud lift when I got mine taken out and the stomach area didnt feel as conjested within days. It didnt hurt in the slightest either! Kids dont bother me now, dont feel tired all the time and sex actually interests me again. Cycle went straight back to what it was like before I started having problems and if it were not for having twins who will be 3 in less than a month in the house with me all day I could seriously work on the weight gain. They start nursery in jan so eventually I will have some me time for the first time in about 4 years. I have every intention of working on the goal of de-flabbing the belly 4-5 days a week. I know the merina coil works for some but I wouldnt wish what I went through on my worst enemy!!!

mummygogo Thu 15-Oct-09 17:15:42

Oh dear I have just had mine put in shock

MusterMix Thu 15-Oct-09 17:16:28

i adore mine

mags150 Tue 03-Nov-09 12:58:25

I had my coil taken out a month ag. My mood is a bit lighter, but cant shift the weight as yet. I had it in for 2 years and put on over a stone. Also I havent had a period since it was removed. Does anyone know if this is normal?

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 03-Nov-09 13:07:19

I had one fumbled put in by the Doc and 6 months later it worked it's own way out - I pulled it out in the bath as could feel the bottom of it. hmm

While the bloody thing was in there it stopped my nightmare periods, which was brilliant, but also put almost 2 stone on me, put me off sex, made me irritable and nasty towards children and DH and final straw came when I actually body checked DH on purpose, wanting him to physically fight me. shock blush He just stood there with a completely dispairing/lost/confused look on his face.

Periods came back after it was out but without th pain, which is something, weight dropped off, became normal fun loving, bubbly nympho again!

hanpat Sat 13-Feb-10 13:11:16

hi there
i am 37 years old i have just had merina coil removed after suffering for 5 months, couldnt take it any longer, prior to having it fitted i missed 2 periods, i had it fitted to see if it would help with my pmt ( omg ) what a mistake, i have looked into starting menopause and found that i am suffering from lots of the symptoms, all the medical professionals just laughed at me because of my age but i am wondering if there is anybody else out there of the same age as me, i just need to know im not going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

hanpat Sat 13-Feb-10 13:15:58

hi mustermix

just wondering how your coping with your coil all these months down the line.????????

lucykate Sat 13-Feb-10 13:18:20

i haven't had any problems with mine, no weight gain etc. it's due for replacement in july and will have a new one without a doubt. hanpat, i'm 39 and have had my mirena since i was 34 and have had no issues with pmt or the headaches i used to get each month, both have improved. i guess it's just a case of finding what suits you, maybe the hormone level in a mirena doesn't suit everyone.

emmabemmasmom Sat 13-Feb-10 13:37:15

Hi. What do you all think about the copper coil? I had mine put in in December and after reading how you all were feeling I could swear they put the wrong coil in. The worst for me is the moodiness and the bloated belly. It honestly looks like I am pregnant! I work out and eat well too. Dd2 is 9 months old so I don't expect to be back to my old body yet but this is horrible. Can the copper one do this to me or am I just nuts? Lol

I actually went to my dr in tears convinced I was pregnant! Any advice would be wonderful

ShowOfHands Sat 13-Feb-10 13:59:52

I have a copper coil. Was fitted on 7th January. I'm bloated and can feel it, not in a painful way but in a scratchy, irritant way. I am on day 10 of the heaviest, most painful period and that follows about a week of spotting. I'm fit and active but can't do my trousers up and am seriously worried I'm bleeding to death. I might just pull the bloody thing out.

emmabemmasmom Sat 13-Feb-10 14:10:23

Sorry but dd1 poured water on the laptop so things like periods questions and few letters are not working lol Hope you understand what I will say and not think I sound like an idiot! To hard to use the iphone for all this!

I feel that way too! 10 weeks here
First period so bad that in the night I soaked through onto the bed and that has not happened before

Things I read though don't say anything about these things happening though (does say about periods though) so I don't know if it is this or not

Sorry this is sounding and looking like an idiot

Anyone else!!!!!!! Please!!!!

MaryBS Sat 13-Feb-10 14:15:25

I hated the copper call, I love my Mirena! I was seriously depressed before each period started and my periods were incredibly heavy. Since I've had the Mirena fitted, all that has gone, and its fab!

MaryBS Sat 13-Feb-10 14:15:42

*coil not call blush

ShowOfHands Sat 13-Feb-10 14:21:09

I have heard people argue that the copper coil can't cause moodiness and other side effects because it's non-hormonal. But it is a foreign body and it is copper. And the copper does make your uterus toxic to pregnancy so it affects your body in one way, I think perhaps it coule be extrapolated out to the rest of your body.

I am moody. I'm not cross, I'm more upset but I can't tell you if that's because I'm sick of being bloated and sore (I have odd cramps, occasional shooting pains, I catch the strings occasionally and wince), fed up of bleeding, anaemic and feeling dizzy and tired or because it's the copper causing it.

I'm also feeling despondent because if I have this thing taken out I don't know where to go in terms of contraception. I don't want another baby, won't use hormonal contraception and got pg using condoms. I'm fed up.

emmabemmasmom Sat 13-Feb-10 14:28:16

Same here. I don't want the pill as it makes me like a teenager going through puberty lol also I got preg on pills and condoms too. That's why my dr sugested the copper coil. However I was loosing weight and happy in December. Now I have gone up a jean size and pissed off at everything! Also I have not had a spot since I was 17. I have 5 right now. Oh so sexy Greer

on iPhone can you tell lol

emmabemmasmom Sat 13-Feb-10 14:30:10

That was meant to be a grrrrrr in annoyance lol not Greer. Who's Greer? Lol

ShowOfHands Sat 13-Feb-10 14:40:09

I thought maybe you were angry at feminists like Germaine Greer who allowed us sexual freedom and access to contraceptives grin.

But yes, grr.

My skin is TERRIBLE. I didn't have spots as a teenager even but now it's dry, pimply, washed out. Again, is it the coil or is it the bleeding causing anaemia, causing poor sleep, causing poor diet, causing bad skin. Whatever, directly or indirectly, I'm bloody miserable.

DH wants more children and we're only 28/29 respectively so no chances of vasectomy but I don't want more children NOW if ever. The alternative is abstinence, which is the same as now anyway as I'm bloated and bleeding or spotting and fed up and cross so sex is now a four letter word in this house.

Grr and bugger frankly.

emmabemmasmom Sat 13-Feb-10 15:11:07

Lol well I will say that I bled like you for about 5 weeks so basically until after my first period. It has stopped and I have no spotting so hopefully yours will soon too. However the other symtoms are so close I am beginning to think it is the coil for sure. I just want to feel normal again!

Thank you though for all of your input as it really helps to solve what is causing everything. However now I have to think of what to do now. I also want more someday just not NOW. Lol I already have a 2 year old and a 9 month old so that's enough for now.

sincitylover Sat 13-Feb-10 20:20:55

what about a diagphram ?

non hormonal

I know I sound like a dinosaur but really worked for me when I was married and also use one now.

Tho one partner said he could feel it

psychomum5 Sat 13-Feb-10 20:42:07

can I ask, does it hurt having it taken out??

I had the mirena coil put in while under a general anaesthetic. I had majorly bad endo, plus cysts on my overies, fibriods, and I also needed a cervical erosion dealt with. The consultant I was under suggested me having a MC, and that he would put one in while he was treating all the gynae issues, and so I have absolutely NO IDEA how it feels having one put in, and so don;t know how I will feel having mine out, which I do want, and need.....I want my libido back (and I am sure DH would toowinkgrin).

I do know that having smears half kill me.....I am on the verge of needing gas & air each time, and am going to need diazapam I think for the next one.....oh, the pain, seriously, it is hell.

that is what is putting me off.....but if it is not so bad, I will go. I have had it in for 4yrs now anyway, and the weight gain has dropped off, mainly due to allergies and not being able to eat anything anymore (altho maybe the allergies are connected??), so losing weight is not my concern, but the libido is a big factor.

please lie and say nice things tell the truth.

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