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detached retina - advice needed

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MrsMiggins Sat 11-Jun-05 19:55:38

DH had a detached retina last Wed (June 1ss)

Few questions if anyone has any knowledge

Has double vision - will this right itself soon

What can he do to prevent this again - specialist said it just happened cos he's short-sighted but he's only early 30s and not very short sighted at all.

Furball Sat 11-Jun-05 20:02:51

This? any help.

MrsMiggins Sat 11-Jun-05 20:44:29

thanks furball

I had already looked on that site....I'm just a little anxious as to how long recovery takes & the fact he still has double vision 8 days later.

unfortunately he had the op as an emergency 3hrs away from our home (he was away on business) so I didnt get to ask any questions, and he was too out of it to ask any himself...

we're seeing the specialist again monday so I guess he'll answer all our questions

thanks anyway

franch Sat 11-Jun-05 20:46:32

Which hosp is your DH being seen at MrsM? My DH is a consultant eye surgeon so you can CAT me if you like - will try to pick up your email before Mon

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 20:47:14

Thread about it here , MrsM. (Never heard the outcome of Enid's childminder, maybe she will see your thread and post on it.)

jabberwocky Sat 11-Jun-05 20:50:57

It does take time to recover from this surgery. My feeling is that the double vision is coming from inflammation and should resolve. Was his macula still attached when the RD was discovered? If so, recovery is usually quite good.
I'm an optometrist in the states btw.

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 20:55:40

My brother is far less short-sighted than me and he had one and I didn't; it's only a tendency. He told me they fixed his other retina in while they were about it but I don't know how reliable that information is.

You can't prevent it though - just be aware of the signs and get it seen to ASAP if it happens - watch out for a sudden increase in floaters.

MrsMiggins Sat 11-Jun-05 22:23:01

thanks guys

he has 3 lots of eye drops. One is for inflamation, 1 is antibiotics & 1 seems to be paralysing the muscle in the eye - we are guessing that may be why he has double vision.

he is spending most of the time with his eye shut as its too irritating trying to make sense of the images !!

oh well - off to Portsmouth on Monday to see the surgeon....we live in worcestershire so nice day out

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 22:27:32

Why do you have to go to Portsmouth from Worcester????

MrsMiggins Sun 12-Jun-05 06:50:30

to be honest, DH thought he would be well enough to drive tomorrow and as one of the offices is nr Portsmouth, he thought he could go to the app & then go to work

unfortunately he didnt realise (or bother asking) about what to expect from his sight and so he still has double vision so I wont let him drive all the way down.

thats men for you !!

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