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Is this normal?

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FABIsInTraining Wed 14-Oct-09 14:16:42

2 weeks ago I had a hysteroscopy and had some polys removed in hospital. My period is now late. Not by much, and DH has had the snip, but I am wondering it anything has been unsettled.

bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 18:37:04

I think this is normal, the lining of the womb will have been disturbed by the procedure so as there is no chance of pregnancy I wouldn't worry about it. I am a GP by the way. Hope this helps.

FABIsInTraining Wed 14-Oct-09 18:46:06

Thank you for that . When will I have a period?

And while I have you, is this right - I rang for my results today. I assumed there would be some as I had a biopsy taken. No one said anything about what to do at the hospital but MIL asked me if I had them so I figured I should ring. No results at the surgery and they told me to ring the hospital. I was told that wasn't right and the GP should be ringing. I explained that he wouldn't be ringing for results as he doesn't know I had a biopsy. I have left a message for the doctor's secretary and will have to see if she calls me.

bunnybunyip Thu 15-Oct-09 10:18:42

Hello again.
Period could come at any time I reckon, may even be a month or two.
As a GP I don't usually receive results until after you have been back for a follow up appointment, or if you don't need follow up then the consultant should write you a letter with the results. Often it takes 2 weeks for the consultant to get the results back from the lab, so he/she may just be receiving them now and then should you know. The secretary should know the procedure but they are notoriously rubbish at calling back so I would ring again if you haven't heard in a few days.
I wouldn't worry too much as if it was polyps they are very unlikely to be anything nasty.

FABIsInTraining Fri 16-Oct-09 17:58:48

It came. 1 day late. blush

I must get it into my head I will never be pregnant again.

The hospital rang today and I have an appointment in Dec but will call me if they need to bring me in sooner. She didn't have the results yet.

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