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Anyone been pregnant after thyroid removal? Help needed!

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flybynight Wed 14-Oct-09 09:39:43

I’m posting this on behalf of my poor wee sister who is 12 weeks in her 1st pregnancy and is feeling a little bit mishandled by the NHS. I’m really hoping one of you Mumsnetters will be able to shed some light for her.

She has her thyroid removed 5 yrs ago because it was cancerous and now takes thyroxine and liothyronine/triiodothyonine. She is in the care – I’m using that term loosely – of an endocrinologist with an obstetric specialty. Her hormone levels have to remain pretty constant or there is a chance of her thyroid regrowing, which would not be so good.

She had her first meeting with the doctor yesterday (at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary) and it didn’t go well. Them seem intent on treating her for Graves disease, which she does not have and she has to have a lot of TRAb scans to monitor the situation. When she asked for explanations she was told to look on Wikipedia (she didn’t push it because she was trying not to cry). She (and I) are worried that she is going to end up heavily medicalised during pregnancy and possibly delivery for the convenience of medical staff.

Has anyone else been in this situation, or know anyone who has? We’re trying to work out if the Graves disease business is standard for all thyroid mums or if it is a mistake. I know this is pretty specialised – I’ll post it on pregnancy too. She feels pretty unhappy about it at the moment. And I want her to have a nice straightforward pregnancy! Lord knows, first time pregnancy is scary enough.

fizzyanddizzy Wed 14-Oct-09 14:08:36

I have had my thyroid out because of a tumour and had all my babies since then. I have noticed that attention to my lack of a thyroid has increased with each pregnancy. 6 Years ago nobody paid much attention but with my last pregnancy I was monitored throughout, dosage was increased a couple of times...
No-one has ever mentioned Graves to me - particuarly as Graves wasn't the reason for it being removed in the first place!

'being asked to look it up on Wilkipedia' sounds like your sister saw doctor with the patient skills of a gnat and I would personally consider making a formal complaint. Failing that - if it wasn't actually the consultant she saw, I would contact the consultants secretary explain the situation and state that you (ie your sister) would like some reassurance on what is going on and can you speak to the consultant about it.

However, as long as thyroid levels are checked regularly there should be no reason why she can't have a great pregnancy and birth - in fact my last was a water birth that was over in an hour grin

flybynight Wed 14-Oct-09 14:24:53

fizzyanddizzy you are great!

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 14-Oct-09 15:48:20

friend had her thyroid removed about 10years ago

she has had 3 children since - all healthy and normal pregancys

didnt do any other relating checks with her

wishing your sister a healthy pregancy x

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