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Pancreas/spleen problems - what could this be? Waiting for blood results and worried!

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twinmam Tue 13-Oct-09 22:02:59

I've had upper left abdominal pain or more a feeling of pressure since my DTs were born 20 months ago.

During the pregnancy I became very ill with cholestasis and pre-eclaampsia resulting in early delivery by c-sec.

I kind of thought the pain might be my ribs as both DTs were breech but it has got worse over recent months, becoming more painful.

I also sometimes feel it in my upper right back, again under my ribcage.

It is tender to touch and seems to be worse before my period.

I also have experience itching in recent months, similar to what I had with cholestasis, more often at night.

In addition to this I've had mood swings, which I put down to possible PND but I have highs and periods of feeling very positive as well as crashing lows, often in a short space of time. I also suffer from really heavy bleeding and blood clots during my period.

I have no idea what is linked to this and what isn't and am obviously second guessing everything now!

Oh - have also had anal itching and more recently stiff and tingling wrists and fingers.

I finally went to the dr's today after being persuaded by DH to get the pain checked out and she had a feel and said the tender area was my spleen or pancreas.

She has taken a full set of bloods including a liver count given my history and I go and get the results on Friday. At that point she says she will book a scan.

I was too stunned when she said all this to ask what she suspects it could be - I was expecting her just to say it was the battering my body took during the twin pregnancy.

So, now I'm second guessing and wondering about it all!

Has anyone had similar symptoms? Any idea WHAT could be wrong with my spleen/ pancreas and what the treatment might be.

I obviously don't want to get too far ahead of myself or terrify myself but equally would like to be informed/prepared.


whomovedmychocolate Tue 13-Oct-09 22:23:08

This far past birth it's unlikely to be a result of the PET but your liver may still be suffering and these tests will indicate if this is the problem.

If it is your pancreas or spleen it's utterly curable. Try not to worry, the blood tests will be back in a few days and your GP will call if it's anything serious. You may just be (sorry to say) very out of shape/condition and have hurt your back/muscles.

Or you could have an ovarian cyst (which would tie in with the pain). But none of these things will kill you and can all be treated. Be calm.

twinmam Mon 26-Oct-09 21:49:12

Thanks Whomoved smile So far all my bloods have come back normal, including the liver function tests which were my main concern.

Thanks for the suggestion that I am out of shape grin I'd love to respond that I'm some kind of super-fit sportswoman but, alas, you could be right. I'm not massively unfit however and am not overweight.

I don't think it's muscular in that it has been there for such a long time unless it's something I'm doing in terms of lifting the babies... It doesn't feel like a muscle pain IYSWIM, more like pressure/ tenderness.

My GP is thinking along the lines of my spleen, as the tests ruled out pancreas problems but she could feel something when she examined me. She has booked me in for a scan so we shall see.

Thanks for the reassurance. I was really quite worried about the return of my liver problems and it's a huge relief to find that it's not that. It's also good to hear that it ties in with lots of very curable conditions!

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