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Cut finger while making dinner - need a stitch or not?

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Ouchhhh Tue 13-Oct-09 20:53:01

I have cut on the top of one of my fingers, it's not huge but it is quite deep and I now have a semicircular flap of skin which goes to probably 2mm thickness at the bottom of the cut (cut is prob 7x7mm).

Have wrapped well with a plaster etc but it's still oozing. Should it ideally have a stitch? If the flap were to die I would be left with a "dent" in my finger, I can tell, so it's not just a flap of surface skin.

WWYD? Can they stitch/would they bother with such a small cut anyway? Not sure whether I'm doing my finger a disservice if I don't have it looked at smile or if it's just a simple cut that will heal on its own....

foxinsocks Tue 13-Oct-09 20:56:07

how long has it been since you cut it?

I sliced my toe open on a piece of metal but because I was on my own with the children (and it wasn't major...I mean it bled like nothing else but it wasn't like I'd lost a toe!) I couldn't get to minor injuries and I called them and they told me there was a time window within which they will stitch it and after that they won't (unless they need to reopen and stitch, which did happen to me once ooooowww!). I cannot remember what the time was - maybe 3 hours or something?

So I hobbled to chemist and bought some of those steri strips butterly strips thing and just stuck it back together.

sounds sore, you poor thing!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 13-Oct-09 20:58:47

Can't stitch skin flaps on finger ends. Adhesive stitches only unless it's actually all the way round. Oozing is good. Unless it's green or smelly. Keep it clean, keep it dry and next time try and chop the food rather than your appendages wink

Ouchhhh Tue 13-Oct-09 21:06:29

Ah thanks! It was about 1.5hr ago. I did wonder how they could stitch it anyway as the top of the cut where a stitch would naturally be made, is quite shallow.

Am pleased I don't have to make a trip out for a stitch - is far too chilly! Will keep it taped up tightly and hopefully the skin might reattach (or I will just have to have a dented finger, bah).

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