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My ds3 fell over yesterday and now wont walk on her right leg. Advice please?

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pepsi Sat 11-Jun-05 10:26:18

My ds3 fell over when she was running into the library yesterday, I didnt see it happen. She fell inside on the carpet but it was that really rough stuff so it grazed her right knee. It really upset her and I couldnt stop her crying. Coupled with this she had a temperature when we got back home so we lay in bed watching scooby doo and she had a sleep for most of the day. The graze doesnt look bad at all, its not swollen and neither is her ankle. This morning she is still hobbling and is avoiding moving in general if she can help it. Once I stand her up she wont even sit down by herself. When I sit her down she cries when her knee bends. I thought it was just where the skin tightens when you have a graze and you get that stinging sensation, but know Im getting worried that shes cracked a bone or something. Ive phoned our out of hours doctors service and am waiting for a call back but thought Id check upon the vast knowledge of all you Mums out there as well. She can be a bit of a drama queen so it could just be that she is very sensitive about her knee and its totally fine.

jampots Sat 11-Jun-05 10:28:04

can you buy a anaesthetising cream from pharmacy - it you tell her it should take the pain away from the graze and she still screams out - you'll have to assume its further below and take her to A&E just to be on the safe side

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