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Has anyone tried Erdic, the herbal breast enhancement pills?

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Pip Sat 11-Jun-05 08:58:44

After breastfeeding my two DS' my boobs are horrendous. Am really desperate and am thinking of trying Erdic, a natural breast enhancer. Works by stimulating the breast tissue to grow, and firms the breasts too. Has anyone tried it? Any good? Their website makes it sound fab but I'd like to hear some personal experiences. Thanks.

TwoAngels Sat 11-Jun-05 09:14:12

just bumping this for u pip.... I feel the same about my boobs too

Pip Sat 11-Jun-05 09:51:10

Thanks TwoAngels. It's grim isn't it? My boobs were always on the small side but fine. Now? They're tiny, they don't even fill my 34B bras anymore. There's too much skin. My once proud nipples collapse in on themselves when I lie down. Urgh! This is the thanks I get for bearing two children and breastfeeding each one for a year! Where's the justice?!

TwoAngels Sat 11-Jun-05 10:01:18

yup pipn mine are exactly as u describe before my 2 dd's i was 34 c now I am for sure an a cup Grrrr lol... but I also have the lovely lose skin wrinkled up belly thing going on too I wish they could invent a botox like procedure for ur tummy lol

Pip Sat 11-Jun-05 10:15:04

My stomach looks okay when I'm standing up ... but the minute I bend down ... not nice. I've been spending some time on the beach recently in a bikini TRYING NOT TO BEND DOWN if I can help it! (Not easy with two small children). If I saw a £20 note I still wouldn't bend down to pick it up!

Does this loose skin thing ever get any better does anyone know???

bumptobabies Sat 11-Jun-05 10:21:16

how much are these pills ill try them and let you know, i hate my boobs im 31 and if i still hate them when im 40 im considering going under the for my tummy i reckon less icecream and more movement but i cant be bothered. when i sit in the car and look down i think aaargh right im going to pilates tonight,it never happens wheres my motivation.

Pip Sat 11-Jun-05 10:41:29

Unfortunately the pills are expensive, about £500 for a six month supply. I think it takes this long before most women see any results - although apparently some improve within about 10 weeks. Not a quick fix sadly!

TwoAngels Sat 11-Jun-05 15:35:25

my stomach has the same kinda lose skin u would find under a turkeys chin lol... I'm only 8 stone so am quite slim the only way I can describe my tummy is it looks like someone stuck an empty carier bag on it

have u got the link for their website pip?

Pip Sat 11-Jun-05 16:46:07

Nice description TwoAngels!

Their website is:

Sorry, not sure how to insert it as a link!

colditz Sat 11-Jun-05 16:49:54

if these are the pills where you have to drink loads of water, and you pay for a 6 month course, my mate tried them and has been taking them for a year now, and it has made no difference to her boobs whatsoever.

Sorry guys

Pip Sun 12-Jun-05 08:59:26

oh no, what a bummer!

hazlinh Tue 14-Jun-05 06:20:48

i did embarassingly enough and they don't work. exceedingly expensive and tedious to take.

happymerryberries Tue 14-Jun-05 06:58:20

Herbal 'treatments' don't have the same reqirements of proof that conventional medicines have.

mancmum Tue 14-Jun-05 14:38:50

would make you worry though if they did work, wouldn't it -- would you really want to take something that affects your breasts and makes them grow artificially? I would worry if it could make breast tissue grow -- what else could it? the only thing that makes boobs grow is hormones and would you want to buy hormones off the internet with no medical advice? I bet they don't work anyway -- just a marketing ploy to get us saggy boobed types to part with money in desperate hope for boobs!!

I have found that a good skin care regime has helped me -- lots of cold water and ice dips, realy good quality body lotion, clarins boob cream.. they will never be what they were as they were fab... but the kids are good compensation for the loss... and there are always wonderbras!!

Pip Wed 15-Jun-05 08:19:35

Sadly mancmum, you're probably right. I think it all sounds too good to be true, it's just that the testimonials sounded so convincing.

Your bodycare regime sounds good, bit nervous about the cold water & ice dips though - do you sit in a freezing cold bath or just apply the water & ice to your boobs? What exactly does it do? Does it tone the skin?

I agree about the kids being good compensation, it's just a shame they have to come at a price!

Bugsy2 Wed 15-Jun-05 11:04:56

pip, how long is it since you stopped breastfeeding? It does take the body a while to settle down and I found the fat redistributed itself a bit and my boobs did regain some of their former glory.
Pec exercises work well too as it increases the size of the muscle under the breast tissue.
I also found that going back on the pill made a significant difference.

MeerkatsUnite Wed 15-Jun-05 13:00:55

Watchdog once featured this product as something to avoid at all costs!!. There is no proof whatsoever that this works and its expensive to boot.

You'd be better off buying some cleavage enhancing bras instead!!.

Pip Wed 15-Jun-05 14:03:27

Bugsy2, it's only been a month since I stopped breastfeeding, but sadly my boobs didn't improve when I stopped feeding DS1 so I'm not hopeful they will this time. Infact, they're much worse this time around (fed each one for a year). I'll give the pec exercises a try though, anything to help!

Can't believe Erdic has been featured on Watchdog - am so pleased I started this thread as I was about to get my credit card out. At least I didn't waste my money. Check out their website though, they sound really convincing, very clever. Thanks for everyone's advice.

BTW, have got some wonderbras, but the problem is I never feel like taking the damn thing off - kind of disappointing!

mancmum Wed 15-Jun-05 15:14:28

I use cold water at the end of a shower to blast boobs every day-- sometimes, I put ice cubes in sink of cold water and that helps... lots of exfoliation and body cream.... also I found swimming helps -- also some light weight lifting helps tone area up -- my boobs have responded quite well to the regime... nothing amazing but at least they are not swinging round knees like pitta breads!!

dawnie1 Wed 15-Jun-05 15:54:01

A friend of mine tried some herbals pills designed to make your boobs grow - not sure if they were Erdic though - absolutley no difference to her chest but a lot lighter around the wallet.

RDJ2000 Sat 18-Jun-05 21:42:49

I watch alot of those Makeover shows, and after liposuction and tummy tucks etc, they always wrap them up like mummies, so after my second term of breastfeeding i did the same, I bought some good firm well fitting bras, and my boobs went back alot quicker than the first time, the skin went back well, as time went by they lost their wrinkly texture.

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