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Awaiting Blood Test Results ReThyroid

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chinchi Tue 13-Oct-09 06:49:28

I was referred by my GP to the endocrinology department back in August, and was finally seen on 1st October. I was referred due to a high level of PTH in my blood (parathyroid hormone).

As my last set of bloods were taken on 1st July, the consultant requested more blood to be taken, which was done on the same day. He commented on the level of calcium from my last results, which although in the normal range, was higher than expected. He asked alot of questions about family history of high calcium. He also mentioned the possibility of a vitamin D deficiency.

I phoned yesterday to chase my blood test results, only to be told that they hadn't all come back yet as some tests take longer than others. My bloods in July taken by the GP were back within a week. What could they possibly be testing for that takes so long?

Pumpkinbummum Tue 13-Oct-09 20:41:08

I would ring the GP that is such a long time, get him to chase it up

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