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Does anyone suffer from blisters on the heel/back of foot?

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idobelieveinfairies Mon 12-Oct-09 19:33:43

It's time to bin the flip flops and buy some shoes...but every single pair i buy gives me blisters...even with thick socks on. Is there anything new on the market that will actually prevent blisters happening??

The scab on my right foot has almost gone after trying to wear some 2 weeks ago, so can try again. Does anyone have shoes that do not give blisters??

whomovedmychocolate Mon 12-Oct-09 20:16:15

Surgical spirit (when you don't have blisters) will harden up the skin and stop it happening. You get it at Boots. Dab it on, every day for a few week.

Hulababy Mon 12-Oct-09 20:18:09

I get really bad blisters all over my feet with almost all new shoes I buy. I even get blisters with things like Birkinstocks! In the summer on holiday I had double number blisters on both feet, with both feet ended up being bandaged up.

So, yes I can sympathise greatly.

Only shoes not to give me blisters so far are my Uggs.

Hulababy Mon 12-Oct-09 20:19:37

I got some advise on this thread

moosemama Mon 12-Oct-09 20:20:32

Compeed They are really designed to heal blisters and stay on until the skin is completely healed, but hikers and runners use them as a preventative measure by applying them to areas of the feet that they know they have a tendency to blister on.

They are sort of flesh coloured/clear and so quite discreet and come in several different sizes.

They also do an anti-blister stick which is supposed to prevent blisters forming by reducing friction, but I hadn't heard of it before today, so don't know if it works.

You can get them at most chemists.

Hth smile

moosemama Mon 12-Oct-09 20:21:19

Sorry, cross posts with Hulababy.

idobelieveinfairies Tue 13-Oct-09 16:46:33

Thanks for your tips, i will certainly try them out, off to boots tomorrow!


kittycatty Tue 13-Oct-09 19:45:49

i use the compeed stick and i think its fab, you have to put it on before shoes start rubbing though. Vaseline is also good

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