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Fibromyalgia flare up?

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bacon Mon 12-Oct-09 18:50:45

I'm pretty lucky as my fibro is now mild however recently I have noticed some flare ups again. I do struggle in the evenings, have trouble sleeping and can be off my head some days - get stressed and then I find the stress in the muscules build up into an attack. Today my stomach is terrible a bit like an IBS attack and although not tired I feel like poo. Really what I am looking for is any new insites into this condition and any positive treatments. There are some new anti depresssants on the market and wondered if anyone had tried any???? I really need to loose weight post natal too.

Feel like flu...horrible!

awaywiththefairies Tue 13-Oct-09 00:04:23

You poor thing.
i've had this for a few years tho' only found out what it was after bloods, x-rays, physio etc.

You're gonna hate this...force yourself to go for a walk. I know your hips ache, you've got stomach cramps , your back is killing you...but this worked for me.

Every morning I take the dog out, no excuses, and I march as steadily as possible straight through the aches. Sing or hum to keep a rythm and don't let yourselfslow down.

Even if your bones feel like they're crumbling, you know it's not degenerative so they're not really. The fresh air will help, the exercise wil boost the endorphines and lose that weight. Do it the same time every day.

It took a month before I noticed a big difference physically, but mentally it helped really quickly.

Way better than anti-depressants or sleeping pills.

Good luck, I know hard it can be.x

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