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Bowel problems help please

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Phoenix4725 Mon 12-Oct-09 18:39:08

ok not sure if should posted childrens health or here but figuremore advice hee

Ds is 12 almost 13 and for good few years he has explosive direah , did metion it whn he saw his ashtma/allergy specialist last time but he said just see how it goes .

But it has got a lot worse he is going 4/5 times aday and it is very loose and offensive ,Luckily me and ds are close and he told me he has had several times gone to pass what he thought was wind and its been like a loose jelly like substance .They did test him years ago for coealic but was negative.

He is due to see speaclistt again for asthma /allergies and wondering if I should run it pass him though reckon will get fobbed just like gp has done of with the well he is growing ok and yes he is but he is very underweight despite eating and eating and no one seems to do anything

So any advice would be gratefull for please

Lulumama Mon 12-Oct-09 18:43:34

i had similar symptoms and it was crohn's diesease. started out like that at around 15/16 and symptoms got worse over time, after long periods of no symptoms

passing mucus/jelly, diaorrhea, pain , passing blood can be symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease such as crohns or ulcerative colitis.

surely he should be referred to a gastroenterlogist for more tests?

being underweight is also a sign, as the body cannot absorb nutrients correctly

i think you should push for a referral and see a different gp if necessary

it might be to do with his allergies, but whatver it is, it cannot be ignored by the doctor

Phoenix4725 Mon 12-Oct-09 18:50:47

thank you will try see if tomorrows paed will do referal.Was just not sure if what i was thinking was way outside possiablites but guessing not ,

he is very underweight to point schoo did ask if he hd eatingdisorder , he does he cant stop eating he is human dustbin 170cm but only 6 stone

his allergies relate to his astma and his eczema which seem finally be under control though did notice his diaorrhea was better when on steroids for them .

Phoenix4725 Mon 12-Oct-09 18:51:31

it`s not a thing ateenage boy really wants to discuss wth his mum but so glad he has

Lulumama Mon 12-Oct-09 19:31:54

that is very skinny, isn't it

interesting re steroids. my crohn's disease stopped in pregnacny, my consultant gastro. told me it was due to increased levels of steroids in teh body due to pregnancy IIRC

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