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Sore bottom..

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Changed4Now Fri 10-Jun-05 23:05:59

Ds was complaining of a sore bottom after his shower in the bath. When i looked he had a little spot on his cheek. I put aqueous cream on (what i used to use when ds was a baby for nappy rash) and ds still complained it was painful. Anyway I read him bedtime story etc and then ds became more upset saying it really hurt, i had another look and both cheeks were red and hot to touch and clearly causing pain. I ogt him in bath and he crouched in water (couldnt even sit down). Gave him some calpol and patted bottom dry and didnt put any creams or anything on. Put him into bed with loose pj bottoms and no pants. I dont understand why it would be sore. It was fine before he got in shower (he had big poo and didnt complain of pain). He was fine in shower and washed there. Then he decided to slide on bath as was wet from shower but he didnt say he had hurt himself.

Ds is 5 so not in nappies at all.. is it possible to have a nappy rash at 5? He was playing in garden earlier and shot his slide with water pistol then went down it getting wet bum but that shouldnt make it sore either should it? It is sore around his balloon knot but on each cheek and a little in the crease.

Anyone had this happen with their child?

Titch1 Fri 10-Jun-05 23:29:51

My ds is 6. She had some very sore spots on her bottom. Took her to Dr's who diagnosed folliculitis (?) and prescribed a antibiotic and anti fungal cream (combined) But it was lots of spots not just one. Unlikely to be nappy rash cos that a reaction to the body fluids not water but you never know!! Hope this helps.

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