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Can anyone recomend an orthodontist in Derbys. Notts or South Yorks?

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Golda Mon 12-Oct-09 14:23:38

For an adult. I need braces. Derby or Chesterfield are closest but I could go to Sheffield.


Hulababy Mon 12-Oct-09 14:26:20

Sheffield dental hospital?

mumof3teens Mon 12-Oct-09 17:15:49

Our dentists has a great Orthodontist - Mrs Laughton. She is at Trinity dental practice opposite the old DRI in Derby. Did a great job with 2 of my Sons.

Golda Mon 12-Oct-09 19:01:05

Thanks. Not sure about the dental hospital because I won't be able to get it done on nhs. I will look into Mrs Laughton.

mumof3teens Mon 12-Oct-09 19:36:16

Yes she was really good. My DS2 had quite a bit of work experience there (he is a dental student now) and said she was really excellent. My DS1 had his two lower middle teeth missing and you would never know it now after she treated him.

Chesterfield orthodontics, South Place, Chesterfield (sort of at the back of the library and behind the old bowling green). Very nice people and did a good job on ds.

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