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Coil advice needed please

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pwcbird Mon 12-Oct-09 11:35:51

Just had ds2 (now 8 weeks) and GP suggesting I use the coil for contraception. I like the idea as not keen to go back on the pill but have never used the coil before. Also GP has not advised me on a preference between non hormone copper or hormone mirena (she says it's my choice). Looking at the info it seems Ii have a choice of either no hormones but heavy, painful periods or hormones that make me spotty/moody/put on weight but light/no period! Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

bargainhuntingbetty Mon 12-Oct-09 11:37:15

There are lots and lots of old threads on this subject,I researched them before gettin my coil fitted in Feb. Go and have a look some interesting views

InMyLittleHead Mon 12-Oct-09 13:38:15

I think it just depends on the individual as to which type is better. I have a copper one, and although it did make my periods a bit heavier (they are easing off now after 6 months) it didn't make them massively more painful and they are not any longer. I think if you generally have 'easy' periods, i.e. not excessively heavy, long, painful or irregular, the copper coil doesn't make that much difference to them. I also really like the no-hormone aspect. If it doesn't suit, you can have it taken out whenever you like.

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