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My son has got terrible sore rash round chin & neck help!

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maz121 Fri 10-Jun-05 19:58:57

My son is a terrible drooler and he has developed a rash and sores all round his neck and chin. I am forever putting bibs on him and they are soaked in a matter of minutes. I have been putting some vaseline on but he seems to have got worse - he has got excema as well. Has anyone got any tips in to how to combat this?

bluebear Fri 10-Jun-05 21:59:21

My son had a major drooling problem - are you 'mopping' the drool - we found that putting him into bandanna-style bibs and just letting him drool kept his skin ok - it was the action of repeatedly drying the drool that made him red.

How old is your son?

shrub Fri 10-Jun-05 22:07:43

'weleda calendula nappy rash cream' worked on my ds2, all organic natural ingredients, very concentrated. maybe the vasaline irritates the rash as it seals the heat and damp in? you can get in health food shops or online. best of luck x

maz121 Sat 11-Jun-05 19:54:44


My little boy is 6 months, I never thought that the vaseline would seal the heat - I am just letting him drool on those bibs but still getting very sore. I will have to try the cream. Thanks very much.

Magscat Sat 11-Jun-05 19:57:46

Agree with Shrub - vaseline will block his skin from breathing. Calendula cream is much better. Kamillosan cream is also good - you can get it in supermarkets. About £4.50 a tube but it goes a long way. I don't have experience of excema though so read what it says on the box to be sure.

Good luck with it.

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