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lump in breast

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pinkyp Sun 11-Oct-09 15:57:31

i found a lump in my breast, i went to the drs and she thinks its a cyst. I'm only 24 so i'm kinda hoping she's right. Anyway i have to go to the hospital for tests next week. Has anyone been through this? What should i expect?

Doodlez Sun 11-Oct-09 16:02:19


Lump was painful so was doubtful it was sinister. Non-painful + more to worry about.

Used a needle to draw a load of fluid out which was sent to path. lab.

Benign sebacious (sp?) cyst which went by itself. Very, very common. Most of us walking around with them without knowing it because they come and go.

I know you will, but try not to worry - they're on the case with you. smile

barbie1 Sun 11-Oct-09 16:02:35

hi, firstly try not to panick, at 27 i too found a lump. My mum was just getting over breast cancer so i freaked out! Turns out it was just a cyst, one that continued to appear at certain times every month. Does it hurt?

barbie1 Sun 11-Oct-09 16:04:13

oh i forgot, i just had an ultra sound much like a ante natal one and they also took a sample of tissue...not as painful as you might think it would be.

purepurple Sun 11-Oct-09 16:05:51

hi pinkyp
I have just been through this and have just found out it's nothing to worry about.
The hospital did a couple of tests.
First they did a needle test which was a bit uncomfortable, but the nurse held my hand all through it. They took out some fluid for testing. My breast was sore and it did bruise after.
Then I had to go back for a mammogram because the machine was broken. The mammogram is uncomfortable but the nurse was lovely. they did both breasts. The nurse said it is more uncomfortable for smaller breasted ladies like me.
I did have to chase the results a few times, but eventually the consultant read me the letter over the phone. The results were it is benign and nothing to worry about.
I have to go back in 6 months for a follow up.
Well done for going to the doctors. It is very scary, isn't it?
Chances are, you will be fine, but going early really is the best thing to do.

pinkyp Sun 11-Oct-09 16:24:52

Thank you all. It was 'that time of the month' when i first noticed it and it was really tender and painful, its not half as tender now but is still very much there. I'm freaked out by the needle test now!! arrgh! SO if it does turn out to be a cyst do they just leave it? I am a smaller breasted lady too purepurple. I must admit i'm not one for checking for lumps regular.

BrokenFlipFlop Sun 11-Oct-09 18:15:51

I also had a lump in my breast and had it removed when I was 21. It wasn't painful but was a fair size. I simply went to GP who made hosp app for me to have it removed. I didn't have the biopsy thing so can't comment on that.

Anyway, it was all fine and I've not had any problems since.

Sorry you're going through this but at least you're getting help quickly.

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