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Does anyone know whether you can take valium and cocodamol together?

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InMyLittleHead Sat 10-Oct-09 17:34:31

Too many opiates or is it OK?

Derv78 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:41:27

No problem with taking them together, within limits prescribed (i.e. don't exceed 8 tablets of Co-codamol in 24 hr period and don't take your Diazepam above prescribed maximum).
Diazepam is not an opioid, it's a benzodiazepine. Both opioids and benzodiazepines can affect breathing if taken to excess, especially in people who have respiratory disorders (e.g. Asthma).
HTH. (I'm a dr by the way.)

InMyLittleHead Sat 10-Oct-09 18:43:29

Excellent, thank you Derv

mehdismummy Sat 10-Oct-09 18:52:48

be bloody careful thou inmylittlehead these tableta are so addictive. my sister is now on a detox from codiene

Ronaldinhio Sat 10-Oct-09 18:55:59

not addictive if used at the appropriate levels to manage pain

mehdismummy Sat 10-Oct-09 19:08:48

that is why i said be careful it started like that for my baby sis and it got out of control, drs pescribe it too easily nowdays and codiene is highly addictive

Ronaldinhio Sat 10-Oct-09 19:31:04

I hate this sort of advice over prescription meds....very often it is essential the you take the painkillers perscribed and comments like yours often prevent people from taking the drugs they require.
I'm sure her gp has given very sound and relevant advice.
Many thousands of people use codeine with no addiction and over a long period of time I'm sorry about your sisters experience but not relevant to trot out to anyone prescribed codeine

alypaly Sat 10-Oct-09 21:38:28

Has the doc prescribed the co-codamol or are they over the counter ones?

Lifeisforliving Sat 10-Oct-09 21:46:00

Ronaldinhio, I was given cocodamol 30/500mg for severe abdominal pain, I used it at the appropriate level to manage the pain.

That was 3 years ago, surgery finally sorted out the pain, however withdrawl from the codine was a totally different story. I still require support from my GP and family and have only recently weaned myself off this medication, literally going through cold turkey which was one of the worst experiences in my life.

Some GP's tend to prescribe these meds like smarties and do not necessarily look into alternative pain relief. So as Medhismummy said be very careful as these tablets ARE addictive even when used appropriately.

Ronaldinhio Sat 10-Oct-09 22:37:23

equally many people are crippled by pain and terrified to use the medication prescribed because of stories and scaremongering like this.
She asked a simple question and was given the answer
I don't remember asking for you to busybody about citing addiction warnings

By the way inmylittlehead I used codeine for a long period of time with no issues

InMyLittleHead Sat 10-Oct-09 23:08:53

Thanks for the info/advice everyone. Don't worry, Lifesiforliving, I'm aware of the possibility of addiction to codeine and am careful not to let it happen, but I can see how easy it might be. They're only over the counter, but I find them a lot better than just paracetamol and/or ibrufon.

Lifeisforliving Sat 10-Oct-09 23:20:24

It's a shame that some people can only resort to being rude and lack the intelligence to debate an issue, i.e hearing both sides. Call me a busy body (petty) as appreciate you are entiltled to your own opinion as am I, which you obviously cannot comprehend.

I didn't realise that MN has changed it's name to ONLY Ron.. Whatever Your Name Is Opinion Matters

I think you need to get over yourself... Just a thought.....(Am I allowed one?)

Oh don't bother post back, because believe when I say I've wasted enough time on you already to reply again. Have a good evening...

alypaly Sat 10-Oct-09 23:23:47

what are taking co-codamol and valium for..two separate things or one(if you dont mind me asking)

Jajas Sat 10-Oct-09 23:28:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sat 10-Oct-09 23:32:37


If you're taking it to deal with pain, then you're probably OK.

I was taking it whether I was in any pain or not. hmm

alypaly Sat 10-Oct-09 23:33:06

we have someone who buys 60 co-codamol every friday,same time same day...without fail..we have brought it to her notice and she says...they are for someone else...ho ho.

Jajas Sat 10-Oct-09 23:39:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sat 10-Oct-09 23:40:07

Oh dear alypaly, what a silly woman. I had a strict rotation system of all the chemists.

bibbitybobbityCAT Sat 10-Oct-09 23:41:31

If its not used for relieving pain, what does codeine do for you? Why do people get addicted to it (I know its an opiate) - but what does that mean, what is the feeling in the body that the user becomes addicted to? This is something I have often thought about.

Should perhaps add that I have used codeine and co-codamol - and indeed valium and temazepam - without becoming addicted. Perhaps this is why I am extra curious.

Jajas Sat 10-Oct-09 23:43:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sat 10-Oct-09 23:44:07

If you're taking Solpadeine they won't help you sleep as they contain caffeine.

I was taking the max dose. But then I clock watched to make sure I didn't miss a dose.

bibbitybobbityCAT Sat 10-Oct-09 23:46:05

Jajas - wouldn't sleeping tablets be more appropriate for you? Temazepam really helped me to get my sleep issues sorted.

Katymac Sat 10-Oct-09 23:46:57

I like co-codamol not only do they deal with my sciatica, but whenever my back hurts (& I take the tablets) my IBS cures itself for a day or so hmm

I worry I take them too often but I just worked out I have taken 60 (strong ones) in about 4.5/5 months so I don't think that is too bad

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sat 10-Oct-09 23:49:27

bibbity, some people are prone to addiction. Both me and my mum became addicted to Solpadeine. DH can take it on max dose for 2 weeks and then stop.

It's a lot to do with the tablets being soluble as well. Tell a Solpadeine addict to take the capsules instead of the soluble tablets and they'll give you a whole shed load of excuses as to why they can't possibly do that.

I can't answer about the feeling though, I haven't touched the stuff for 6 years.

Ronaldinhio Sat 10-Oct-09 23:53:18

what a ridiculous post

I'm sure she has benefited both from your debate and experience

keep smiling, there's a good girl

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