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2 of my children have had a tummy bug, now be and baby got it!

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mum2bagain Sat 10-Oct-09 07:35:17

My two older children 8 and 11 had it the other day and they are both better now, 24 - 48 hours later, so I know its only a tummy bug. But me and babs have got it now, he's just turned 1 and I'm scared.

He's throwing up everything I give him, including his milk, nhs direct said as long as he is drinking, having wet nappies and is generally happy then he will be ok to carry on like this for a few days, which he is all of these. I was thinking it would probably spread around us all, especially me, because I'm the one cleaning up all the erm (sick) and what not, so I expected it really.

I'm making sure the toilets are cleaned all the time and on top of disinfecting around more than usual. I just hope it doesn't go around again. Any tips and any ideas how to get baby Zac better quickly?

boolifooli Sat 10-Oct-09 08:38:49

Not sure if you can actually speed up the time it takes for the bug to work itself out but his body knows what it's doing i.e. the vomiting. Kids bounce back so quickly from these things. The only thing you need to look out for at this point are signs of dehydration but believe me, having had ds hospitalised with this after a tummy bug in the summer, you can't miss it! His eyes shrunk into his face, skin white as a sheet, curled up on the sofa and he couldn't talk very well because his tongue was getting stuck due to lack of saliva and his skeleton was showing due to the lack of fluid in his body. As long as Zac is keeping water/juice down, even if you give him little and often, you should avoid the dehydration. But as I say, it's not something you can miss from my experience!

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