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Threadworms - what can I do to help tonight

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lyndysue Fri 09-Oct-09 23:09:04

DS (8) suddenly started complaining tonight of an itchy bottom and got very, very upset. I kept wiping his bottom 'cos it seemed to help and then noticed a wriggly white thing! He's never had them before but I'm fairly sure - it was practically waving at me!!

I know I can get some medicine tomorrow but is there anything I can do to help him tonight. He's crying and wiggling his bottom madly and I don't think he's going to get any sleep. Any ideas??

ineedapoo Fri 09-Oct-09 23:15:18

sudocream maight help not get rid of them but calm his bottom

teamcullen Fri 09-Oct-09 23:18:41

piriton helps with the itch and will relax your DS to help him sleep.

Ive done this with my DS in the same situation

supersalstrawberry Fri 09-Oct-09 23:20:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeachesMcLean Fri 09-Oct-09 23:21:24

Sudocrem can help to smother the buggers and maybe paracetomol?

I remember keeping DS up until he was dropping tired. Though if he's still up now, you must be getting fairly desperate. sad

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Fri 09-Oct-09 23:24:44

my dd had these 2 years ago and when i saw them i nearly passed out with shock

the medicine will stop the symptoms (my dd was v v upset too and would not settle)

i was in the samw position as you the night we found them and the night she first took medicine as it takes a day to take effect

i smothered her bum in vaseline after clearing as many as i could with a cotton bud shock

lyndysue Fri 09-Oct-09 23:25:32

Thank you - will try sudocrem and calpol (haven't got any piriton). Hope to be sleeping soon!!

Doodlez Fri 09-Oct-09 23:25:54

I would second Piriton/Clarityn.Benadrill/Medised....the anti-histamine does help with the itching.

Sudocrem/Vasaline/any THICK cream you have available suffocates the little blighters and makes it harder for them to get a grip or contact his skin.

It's a PITA and on top of the sleepless nights, you have a HUGE laundry job on your hands tomorrow - take heart, thousands of us have been through this before you and thousands will be dealing with it after you!

Buy him a mini bottle of anti-bacterial gel to keep in his pocket too. Oh and cut his nails if they need it - he'll scratch and end up with eggs stuck under his finger nails.

Good luck. I feel your pain.

redsofas Fri 09-Oct-09 23:26:58

i got a cream called eurax for ds when he had chickenpox and it stops itching fast, dont know if it would help him but it could be worth a try if anyone could get 2 a 24hr supermarket 4 you?

PeachesMcLean Fri 09-Oct-09 23:30:56

Plus, when I gave DS (and the rest of us) the medicine, he still had symptoms that evening, so I hate to say it but you might find he's still struggling a bit tomorrow night. DS was much happier though once he knew there was something he'd had to have medicine for, and that he would get better. We stayed up and watched Mamma Mia. With popcorn and blankets.

I feel your pain too, it was most distressing.

redsofas Sat 10-Oct-09 11:55:01

hope your ds is feeling better 2day

starwhoreswonaprize Sat 10-Oct-09 11:58:06

Cut his nails very very short, change all bedding and pyjamas, everything clean and fresh like towels etc, and even hoover around the bed and matress.

lyndysue Sat 10-Oct-09 23:24:04

Thanks Redsofas. We've had a day of cleaning everything. 3 loads of washing still to go!! He's much better. Took medicine earlier and started to get itchy tonight but went for a poo and seemed to perk up straight away afterwards. Hopefully the little blighters have gone! All family treated. DD (13) is quite disgusted at the whole affair!!

mathanxiety Sun 11-Oct-09 04:08:18

You'll all have to take the medicine asap or they'll be back. Plus lots of nail cutting and hand washing for everyone, rubber gloves for handling laundry, hoovering like crazy. No throwing laundry on the floor, undress carefully beside the laundry baskets.

redsofas Mon 12-Oct-09 16:08:14

glad all is better for you and ds!

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