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mananny Fri 09-Oct-09 21:23:00

I was diagnosed with this in my early 20's after multiple passing out from the pain incidences plus other TMI problems. I had an implant for 6 months which turned me into a 4 stone heavier psycho bitch from hell, three laser laps in nearly 7 years, two different pills (see implant) and all manner of different pain killers, none of which solved the problem and one of which I could easily have becme addicted to if I hadn't said to my consultant do NOT give this to me again... fast forward to the present day: I have been relatively symptom free for the last 3 years aside from progressively worse and more painful periods and now I can feel my insides "sticking" again like they did before the last lap I had and I am soooooooo ridiculously stressed out over it! I have just started a new job, my life is going well, I am crazy busy. I do NOT have time to be ill again, to need surgery etc, and I am freaking out about it as it's all beyond my control! I have a retroverted uterus and it leans against some of my bowel and that's where I stick together with endo tissue. Not pleasant, very painful, and potentially dangerous. The fact I feel it is not good and I have got a really bad case of denial going on. Has anyone else got endo in similar locations to mine? What are my options now? I cannot keep having a laser lap every 2-4 years? Ugh, I am so upset. And I am in another country where I have to start again with a whole new healthcare sysytem and Dr and all that. And I work practically 6 days a week. I only just started this job in August and I like it dammit. I do not want to deal with this now!!!!!!!!

<and breath>

(Sorry for the rant, I do feel a little better now)

murphyslaw Fri 09-Oct-09 21:46:53

you poor thing sad I am an endo sufferer but not to the extent of yours.

Get yourself a good gynae and fast you cant stick your head in the sand with this.

Alter your diet - have you read the book by Dian Shepperson Mills. Invaluable advice and it really does work. Above all do not get stressed out - I know thats easier said than done.

I wish you all the best smile x

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