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NHS Vouchers for children's glasses-is this right?

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pinknosedevereux Fri 09-Oct-09 17:03:26

I've tried going on the nhs website but can't find the answer.

My ds had new glasses in June 2008. When he had eyes tested again in June 2009 Optican commented that his specs were getting a bit small, but otherwise prescription was'ok'. He doesn't like choosing, so we kept his old pair.

Today I took him to the opticains to get them straightened(again) I asked "by the way would we maybe be able to order him a larger frame as these are digging in the side of his face?"
I was told he couldn't have a nhs voucher for that. I said " but if he completely smashed them he could?!" Was told no he would have to have a new pair same size!

Sorry for the essay, but this doesn't seem right he's 10 and growing at an amazing rate, does he really have to wait til next june?

mummydarlingsausage Fri 09-Oct-09 18:33:16

sorry i don't know the answer but i think that sounds very unreasonable. if your son did break his glasses i don't think any good optician would order a new pair that were too small - my dd has had replacement glasses after breaking a frame and she was allowed to try on glasses and choose whichever frames she wanted and felt the best. what if you sons prescription never changed - how long would he have to wear the same pair of glasses? i would maybe go into a different opticians and ask for their opinion on this.

pinknosedevereux Fri 09-Oct-09 19:02:06

Thanks mds.I rang optican and asked again; this time they bothered to look at ds's file and realised he'd not used voucher after his last test, they also said could claim one for 'wear and tear'. Good job too, like you I had visions of him wearing same glasses to high school, college, wedding etcgrin

clayre Fri 09-Oct-09 19:04:23

we were told they were entitled to new glasses every year, dd got a new pair even tho her prescrition was fine.

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