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eye problems in a 7 year old following prem birth

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leah17 Fri 09-Oct-09 14:42:00

Hi there, wondered if anyone might be able to help? My dd is 7, born at 28 wks, diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity (and a fairly large list of other things!!), she wore glasses until 4 1/2 and had squint surgery at 3 yrs. This week it's come to light from her teacher that she can't read from the board and has trouble reading print. I've noticed a few other odd bits too. Rang the hospital as she's still under the eye dept there and have an app monday. However, can't stop worrying and although googling things is a wonderful thing it can worry you more. I know she is at much higher risk of certain eye problems, and as the deterioration in sight seems rapid i'm concerned. Dd wearing glasses again doesn't worry me in the slightest but i am concerned it's a problem with her retina's. Anyone have any reassurance or had a similar problem?

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