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Bone marrow donation - exactly how painful?

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acnebride Fri 10-Jun-05 11:21:48

I've been thinking about doing this but how painful is it really? Really? I am a complete wuss and always request a local anaesthetic when giving blood - the nurses always look at me in a really contemptuous way but I don't care. I got through childbirth without any drug pain relief at all but by God it wasn't by choice - no time. So can anybody give me the real lowdown? And I don't want to hear how worthwhile it is - I know that already!!

horseshoe Fri 10-Jun-05 16:41:21

Bumping this up for you as would like to know too.

I think that the initial tests are nothing to worry about but then if your a match for someone they then provide counselling first to make sure you understand the procedure first. Could be worth going and getting tested and getting on the register. You may never be called up.

anteater Fri 10-Jun-05 16:51:50

My Uncle did this for my Dad, 25 years ago, I guess things have changed a little since then but he said it was 'just bearable'. I guess if your trying to save a real life then you just get thro..

happymerryberries Fri 10-Jun-05 16:53:05

The first bit just requires a blood test. Actual donation in more major, and needs a general anaethetic

Milliways Fri 10-Jun-05 18:55:12

The Anthony Nolan site
explains more, and if you join (I did) they send you newsletters with stories of real donations & what is involved.

I was once recontacted as a poss match & had to visit GP for more blood, but that was all. Have now been fully tissue typed so will now only be contacted if a real match!

Go for it.

happymerryberries Fri 10-Jun-05 18:59:44

DH has a slow form of leukemia, thankfully has has a great match with one of his brotheres if he even needs a transplant. Can't I just say that I think that you are all great to do thei!

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