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Female Problems

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marybi Fri 09-Oct-09 12:45:37

Hi. My name is Mary Biederstadt. This is my first post. I've been reading here a lot, but I'm not sure where to put this.

I had incontinence problems, when I laughed, sneezed, etc... Then I began having issues with painful sex, constipation, GERD and a very painful problem while urinating. Basically I was just falling apart!

I've been researching on the internet for help for me and my family (6 sisters!).

I started writing a blog to inform people about their Psoas and Piriformis muscles, and how to stretch them. These muscles and others in the area are what truly supports our internal organs and holds them up in the right places! Among other things, I learned the Pigeon Pose, and I don't have incontinence anymore.
I hope it's OK to post a link to my blog? I don't sell anything.

Please go read

OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Fri 09-Oct-09 19:09:46

uh.... now looking, cheers

cocolepew Fri 09-Oct-09 19:25:56

I read some of your blog and found it very interesting. From reading it I think my mum has piriformus syndrome and I looked at some of the stretches, I'll pass on the info to her. Thanks smile

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