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Taking more than 8 paracetamol in 24 hours

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MrsMorgan Thu 08-Oct-09 13:50:13

Had wisdom tooth out yesterday evening. It was quite a difficult extraction and since then I have had to regularly take paracetamol.

I had 2 at around 5:15 last night, again at around 9:30 and then again at 3:30 this morning.
Today I have had 2 at 9:15 and another two just, so I have exceeded the 8 tablets in 24 hours warning on the box.

What do I do now because I will almost certainly need to take another two later.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 08-Oct-09 13:53:34

Go to a chemist and talk to the pharmacist. Paracetemol overdose affects the liver and kidneys, so ask their advice. They can also advise on other non-paracetemol pain relief.

Iklboo Thu 08-Oct-09 13:53:39

Can you take an alternative like Ibruprofen or aspirin?

MrsMorgan Thu 08-Oct-09 13:59:03

Oh I do have some ibuprofen somewhere I think yes. I will take those if I need anymore pain relief.

I know that the 10 I have taken so far won't have do me any harm.

ParisFrog Thu 08-Oct-09 15:11:59

Check with a pharmacy but I was told to take 2 nurofen and 2 paracetamol at the same time when in a lot of pain (migraines)

alypaly Thu 08-Oct-09 15:25:56

dont take anymore than 8 in 24 will knacker your kidneys and liver

You can alternate with ibuprofen,but you should take no more than 1200mg of ibuprofen in 24hours. It should be taken with or just after food but not on an empty stomach .
If you have stomach problems then you shouldnt take it. So you can take ibuprofen at breakfast,lunch and dinner and paracetamol in between.

With regard to aspirin...same side effects as ibuprofen and if you still have bleeding in the tooth area you shouldnt take it really.

Maybe tomorrow you could start on co-codamol.....or paramol(but dont take it with paracetamol.

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