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Really bad labour-like pains after sex

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RealityBites Thu 08-Oct-09 12:44:31

Message withdrawn

NorktasticNinja Thu 08-Oct-09 12:48:40

Mmmm. That must have been horrid shock It doesn't sound good at all, could you have some sort of quiet infection in your womb?

Get thee to the GP!

BiteOfFun Thu 08-Oct-09 12:49:48

Yes, go to the GPs, definitely.

Or have a big poo.

RealityBites Thu 08-Oct-09 12:52:47

Message withdrawn

WickedWench Thu 08-Oct-09 12:58:53

It could have been a kidney stone passing through from your kidney to your bladder. Your symptoms sound very, very similar to what I experienced.

I thought I was having an very unexpected second child!! Or dying.

argento Thu 08-Oct-09 13:04:32

I've had something similar - though perhaps not as severe. More like incredibly bad period pain, lasting 10-20 minutes after sex, and only during the week or so before my period. Once my period starts it stops.

Went to the GP, was sent for various scans and tests but they all came back fine. Doctor is a bit stumped and has basically said avoid sex for a week before your period.

RealityBites Thu 08-Oct-09 13:06:28

Message withdrawn

weegiemum Thu 08-Oct-09 13:15:33

Kidney stones are horrendous !!

But an hour sounds pretty short time wise for that (speaks the voice of considerable experience!!!)

Worth asking the doc, but after one stone they wouldn't do much anyway (I had many as a pregnancy complication).

Drink plenty of fluids and watch out for UTI though.

RealityBites Thu 08-Oct-09 13:28:45

Message withdrawn

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