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Fluttering Under Eyelid - anyone had this?

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triffictits Wed 07-Oct-09 22:31:10

Just recently I have had a really strange fluttering underneath my left eye just under my bottom lashes - its almost like a spasm - it flutters like mad and you can actually see it doing it, then just stops.

I had it a couple of weeks ago for a couple of days then it went - it is back again now and driving me mad.

Has anyone else had anything like this? What could it be?

SixtyFootDoll Wed 07-Oct-09 22:32:45


PandaG Wed 07-Oct-09 22:33:25

don't know what it is, but my mum and I both get it, either eye, when we are really tired.

KiwiKat Wed 07-Oct-09 22:33:30

It's a muscle spasm, and they usually occur when you're tired or stressed. They're fairly common, not really anything to worry about.

listenglisten Wed 07-Oct-09 22:33:36

I sometimes get this is I am especially tired and have always assumed that's what is cuasing the fluttering. Will wait and see what others say with interest.

BibiBOO Wed 07-Oct-09 22:33:53

Me too, when I'm tired

ABetaDad Wed 07-Oct-09 22:33:54

I occasionally get it when very tired.

redsofas Wed 07-Oct-09 22:35:41

i have had theese twitchy spasm things in both my upper lip left side and left eyebrow, usually when stressed!

choccyp1g Wed 07-Oct-09 22:36:22

I used to get it a lot as a teenager, along with the burning ears thingy, and recently realised that it never much happens nowadays. I put both down to tiredness. DS also gets the burning red ears when he is overtired

Littlefish Wed 07-Oct-09 22:37:26

Me too. Tiredness causes it for me.

Heated Wed 07-Oct-09 22:39:36

Yep, when I'm tired. I have to give my eyes a good rub to stop twitching, hopefully after I've remembered to remove mascara.

triffictits Wed 07-Oct-09 22:42:15

Thanks for all your replies - I am not worried about it now you have mostly told me it is due to tiredness or stress.

I haven't been sleeping well at all recently and am also under a bit of stress. Hopefully it will calm down soon when I manage to get some sleep.

TheCrackFox Wed 07-Oct-09 22:47:52

I get it when tired or stressed. I quite like it.

nightcat Thu 08-Oct-09 11:27:56

Could be Mg/B deficiency - mine went away when I started taking these. It was bothering me for months, but disappeared after just a few tablets.
Mg & B are also good for coping with stress.

boodeniites Thu 08-Oct-09 11:47:14

i had it for weeks recently i hated it it is away at the moment my mad stress symptoms have moved on to something else hmm

typical Thu 08-Oct-09 12:47:46

I get it when I have calcium defeciency. (Also get spasms in my hands and feet and heart palpitations.) Usually drinking milk and eating cheese for a few days stops it.

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